Whether you loved caffeine before college, or you learned of it’s amazing powers during your time in the North Country, everyone likes their coffee a certain way.

Between different roasts, hot or iced, and everyone’s specific requirements for how they like their cup o’ joe, there is a place in Canton to serve you. Along with these different restaurants, cafes and chains providing you with fuel they also have some sweet study spaces too!

Finding the right cup for you may have been difficult before, but this list will help inspire you to get out of bed on those chilly mornings! Read on to learn where you can go to find the bold cup of coffee you crave in Canton, NY.

The Blackbird Cafe: Hot Coffee


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This cozy cafe on Main Street offers a variety of locally roasted coffee. The variety of bold and fruity flavors makes it easy for every coffee drinker to find a roast they will enjoy. Click here to see a list of roasts and other hot beverages.

The Bagelry: Iced Coffee

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The newest edition to Canton offers another place to eat and collect your caffeine fix.  The Bagelry has become well known for its brewed iced coffee which can be served black or with some of their homemade sugar syrup.

The Partridge Cafe: Latte


This hidden gem is not only a Laurentian favorite for breakfast and wraps, The Partridge Cafe also offers a ton of flavored lattes that all come in large cozy cups.

Stewart’s: Flavored Iced Coffee



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Not only is this North Country gold mine the best place for your ice cream fix, they actually have amazing iced coffee for beyond reasonable prices! Stewart’s offers several sweet flavor that will add a little pep to your step and your coffee!

Dunkin’ Donuts: Coffee Sides


In terms of coffee you know what to expect and since they have a drive-in you don’t even have to get out of the car on those chilly days! The best part about having a Dunkin’ nearby is the donuts and muffins that you can get on the side, because sometimes coffee on it’s own isn’t enough.