Everyone loves to have a good time, but exactly how – and where – that good time is to be had varies from person to person. Luckily, South Bend has enough bars and pubs for everyone – some new, some old, and some… well, let’s not even go there.

We all have our favorite spots, and your bar of choice can tell you a lot more about yourself than you might think. Below is a short list of the area’s most popular bars, and what a particular affinity for each of them says about you.



Photo courtesy of Brother’s Bar & Grill

You’re calm and confident, perhaps even a little quiet. You’re not all that into the pitch black, hot and sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder atmosphere.

While you certainly enjoy going out, you also prefer being able to see where you’re walking and not having to yell into your friend’s ear just to see if it is time for another drink. But as the night goes on, the lights dim and the music comes on, you know how to chop it up with friends and have a blast.



Photo by Channing Foster

Bottom line, you’re a people person, and you’re a classic. This place is all about tradition, dancing, and seeing friends- all of your friends. Because they will be there.

You are outgoing and adventurous- climb the stage to request a song from the DJ? Grab the mic for a b-day shout out? That is totally you.

You are always the chatty one, always the dancer, the diehard Saturday night ralley-er. You don’t mind being bounced off the people next to you while busting a move. Easy going, fun- loving, see you there next weekend.



Photo by Channing Foster

The glitzy dance floor nestled in the back corner says it all – you’re loud, you’re proud and you’re willing to dance the night away. Going out is a staple of any week, and what better way to spend a Wednesday than a trip to Finny’s?

You’re unfazed by the collection of bikers that lurk in corners or the grungy feel of the establishment itself; all you care about is belting tunes and breaking moves, and there’s no better place to do just that.



Photo courtesy of Corby’s

You’re adventurous and always up for anything. You never know what you’re going to get when you trek to Corby’s – could be a game (or seven) of pong in the back, could be a recent grad you didn’t know was back in town, or could be a steamy slice of pizza from the small shop inside.

Friendship is of the utmost importance to you. Simply put, Corby’s is a down-home joint where friends do friend things, any day of the week.



Photo courtesy of O’Rourkes

You crave the Irish pub-like atmosphere, complete with clovers all around and the abundance of green. You are classy and avoid dirty dive bars in favor of this sparkling gem on Eddy Street.

You have an uncanny sense of what’s “in,” especially when it comes to music. Friends often talk about you stealing the show at Tuesday karaoke, and though you shrug off their praise, you secretly know that it is the truth.

The Backer


Photo courtesy of Amy Daughters of Bleacher Report

You’re a diehard, Notre Dame lifer, the guy or gal that unabashedly tweets “Love thee” in an ode to the greatest university on the planet at every chance you get. You love running into old alums and hearing their stories of “way back when.”

It’s the tradition, the longevity and the retro feel of The Backer that pulls you in time and time again. You can’t wait to send your kiddies to Notre Dame, but will visit campus countless times until then. Each time you come back, you’ll eagerly come back to this humble establishment to relive the glory days.

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