Fairfield’s Best Eats To Order To Your Dorm 

The perfect addition to your “Netflix and chill” 

We can all admit, some nights of college are meant for staying in bed while watching Netflix, especially when it starts to get colder out. Why not enjoy a cozy dinner in bed?

Here are some of Fairfield’s BEST take out and delivery eats:

1. Mecha Noodle Bar (take out) 

We all know we’ve gravitated towards the dollar vending machine Ramen… Why not enjoy it fresh & exactly how you want it?

Mecha Noodle Bar allows you to mix and match your favorite ingredients to create the perfect bowl of Ramen.

Noodles for lunch. Can I get a (R)amen! Photo by @lexistat #spoonfairfield #spoonfeed

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Personally my favorite is the Pho Ga (beef & chicken broth, cilantro, rice noodles, scallions, onions) which is gluten free and considered the “hangover cure.” Check out Mecha Noodle Bar for your next comfort craving, it’s pho-real.

2. PRONTO Chop Shop & Pizzeria (take out) 

Not in the mood for ramen?

PRONTO is a pizza, salad, & wrap shop with gluten free options! Although it’s take out, PRONTO is a must-have for those pizza & salad lovers.

PRONTO also serves New England Clam Chowder, Turkey and Chopped Veggie Chili, and Soups of the Week, for those looking for something hot n’ cozy.

3. Hana Tokyo (delivery)

For all the sushi lovers out there, Hana Tokyo’s got ya covered. You can pay using your StagBucks and delivery is expected within 20-30 minutes, right to your dorm room.

Although primarily sushi, Hana Tokyo also has an Edamame appetizer, Tempura dishes, and Hibachi dinners. Yes, the Hibachi can be delivered too, what’s better than that?

4. Village Bagels (delivery) 

If you’re having an upside down day, Village Bagels has your breakfast for dinner. Even though they close at 5 pm, Village Bagels makes it quick n’ easy by providing online ordering for delivery.

The rainbow bagel is a Stag favorite!

look at this delicious rainbow bagel! #LoveWins

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