Ever wondered where the perfect place to eat in NYC would be based on your favorite Fab Five member from Queer Eye? Well now you can know! We've compiled a list based on the restaurants we believe best embody each Fab Five member. From açai bowls to uni wagyu rolls, these restaurants will have you living your best life.

Karamo: Vandal

In the show, Queer Eye, Karamo is deemed the "culture expert." Karamo is mainly the one that makes the men feel comfortable and discusses a lot of the deeper issues they've been having in their lives. Karamo helps make the men a little bit more cool and cultured, so that reminded me exactly of Vandal. Vandal offers a variety of high end food with a twist, from Hot Pretzel Steak Tartare, and Yellowtail Sashimi. 

Antoni: Please Don't Tell

Antoni is the "food and wine expert," and is always able to shake up the diet of the men they are making over, without taking them out of their comfort zone. He likes to put a twist on classics such as grilled cheeses and hot dogs, while also taking the mens favorite cocktails to the next level. All that in mind, I knew Please Don't Tell is the perfect restaurant. On the outside one is able to get a variety of hot dogs, but go to the back and you are let into a speakeasy style cocktail bar, offering incredible and creative cocktails.

Jonathan: Broken Coconut

Jonathan's role on the show is the "grooming expert." As the grooming expert it seems only fitting that the restaurant that would match him is the Broken Coconut. The Broken Coconut preaches the "eat pretty" slogan, and offers a variety of healthy bowls and salads. The menu is all about treating yourself through self care, something that Jonathan continuously emphasizes on the show.

Tan: Sushi By Bou

Tan is the "fashion expert," so I knew the restaurant to match him had to be the epitome of fashionable and cool. With Sushi By Bou, that is exactly what you will get. Sushi by Bou is a 30 minute, 12 piece omakase experience, and honestly is beyond cool. One of the signatures offered is the "Millennial Surf and Turf," which is a wagyu and uni hand roll that is simply delectable. If you love sushi (and style), this is the perfect quick and creative experience for you. 

Bobby: Jack's Wife Freda

Bobby is the most underrated of the Fab Five. He is the "design expert," and is able to completely redesign an entire home in just 5 days. Since he is constantly working on the home he is not as featured in the show, but arguably he is one of the most important of the Fab Five. I had to choose a place that is impeccably decorated, and offering just superb food. So the clear equivalent is Jack's Wife Freda. This place offers amazing and understated taste, just like Bobby. 

Now you know exactly where to eat in NYC based on your inner Fab Five member. So go watch an episode, then go off and enjoy any of these fab restaurants!