Is it not frustrating to finish a giant pile of problem sets, feel hungry and realize you have to go and have dining hall food again? The broccoli could be tasteless, the pork could be overcooked, the fries could be soggy; it is not a pretty picture. Luckily, here are some suggestions for delivery treats from a restaurant that guarantees good food.

Photo from Pho 55 Website

The Pho 55 Deep Fried Wrapped Chicken

This is a must-have on your delivery orders! The chicken is tender and wrapped in a deep fried, golden rice sheet, and every piece is just the right size: two bites — not too big and not too small. The most exciting part is that this dish comes with a delightful sauce on the side. It has a delicate but not overwhelming sweet taste and a mild kick to the aftertaste — just perfect for the crunchy yet tender wrapped treat.

Photo from Pho 55 Website

The Pho 55 Vietnamese Grilled Beef Rice Plate with Fried Rice

This delivery dish comes with a generous portion of beef and rice. It is also topped with an over-medium fried egg. Once you break the yolk to make a sauce, pour the spicy garlic sauce over the rice and beef and mix everything together. The layers of flavor are unbelievable! It has the creamy richness of the yolk, spicy kick of the sauce and the heaviness of the protein. On top of all this, the fried rice is easy to mix but not too oily. Every element in this dish is perfectly balanced.
If you happen to be a chicken lover, the Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Rice Plate is also a great choice. The chicken is charred but tender and gives extra flavor to the dish.

Photo by Haojia (Jessie) Li

The Pho 55 Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp
Unlike deep fried spring rolls, this dish is wrapped with tender, chewy rice paper. The transparency of the rice paper allows you to see everything wrapped inside: shrimp, bean sprouts, rice noodles and mint. The shrimp has a fresh seafood taste, and the mint gives the rolls a refreshing kick. The tamarind sauce on the side is rich, heavy and salty, giving the fresh but bland spring roll the perfect balance.

These delivery dishes are definitely worth trying and will give you the energy you need to finish your next problem set. Take a break and treat yourself with deliciousness from Pho 55.