Explorateur is the new restaurant spot you've been searching for. Located right off the green line Boylston T stop, this two month old restaurant has everything you could want. The restaurant is divided into four parts; a cafe, a restaurant, a bar, and a private dining area.

Sofía Vainesman

The Space:

The cafe is where I live. With Boston Public Library feels, there are communal tables with lights as well as separate tables. It's the perfect place to come and cram for your next midterm, while you enjoy anything off the full menu or from the cafe bar.

Sofía Vainesman

The restaurant is located right up the mini stairs and opens at 11 AM on weekends. The bar, located, right next to the cafe, is perfect for night time drinks. Its classy ambiance is set by its purposefully dirty mirror in the background. The last room, The Library, is a private dining room that's great for large groups. 

The Food:

Sofía Vainesman

Now let's get down to it, the food. Simply delicious. They have everything ranging from muffins, to eggs, to French toast. Since I've practically lived here since they opened two months ago, I've tried almost everything on the brunch menu. If you're in the mood for sweet, the chocolate hazelnut and berry French toast is to die for. It will send you into a sugar coma, but you'll love every moment of it

Sofía Vainesman

If you want something savory, the vegetable omelet, Croque-monsieur, or avocado toast is the way to go. The vegetable omelet is edited every season to fit the season's vegetables and right it's squash, zucchini, and carrots.

Explorateur also added their own spin to avocado toast. Instead of just mashed avocado, they also added sprouts and spicy mayo. The spicy mayo is a delicious, beautiful touch to the classic dish, and you can add an egg if you want it. If you're just in the mood for something from the cafe, you should definitely try the cheese scone. 

Lastly and most importantly, the coffee. From matcha, to cold brew, to espresso, Expolateur does not miss a beat. They also added their own inventions like having a latte on draft. 

This new restaurant/cafe/bar is what you've been dreaming of. It has everything from a study location to great food. It's definitely a place you should try out.