Perhaps the greatest part of living in downtown Montreal is that you’ll never run out of options for bakeries, restaurants, shopping, and - best of all - cafes. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to have to choose which cafe is best suited for the day. Whether you are looking for a place to chill with friends, get a quick bite to eat, or crank out that last-minute essay, Montreal is bound to have the perfect cafe to do so. To make it easier to pick where to go based on your mood - and appetite - check this handy list before heading out to your destination cafe to authentically experience some of Montreal's best cafes. 

Mood - Social

Cafe - Darling Cafe

Sophie Booth

Darling Cafe is the ideal place to go to with a few friends to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, socialize, and even take a few cool pictures. While there are almost always students studying there, the cafe is separated into a study section and socializing section full of families and friends. Darling Cafe isn't only popular during the day time but even turns into a bar at night, which gives you and your friends yet another reason to hang out in this friendly and uniquely designed cafe.

Mood - Studious

Cafe - Spoon Cafe

It is midterm season and all your focus is targeted towards getting down to business and having a very productive study session. With a quiet and for the most part sparsely populated environment, Spoon cafe has the perfect ambiance to be productive. It is close to both Concordia and McGill; so it’s very accessible to go before, after, or even in between classes or library sessions.

Mood - Hungry

Cafe - Cafe Parvis

It’s impossible to talk about the best cafes in Montreal without mentioning those known for impeccable foods and drinks. Cafe Parvis is one of Montreal's best cafes not only because it offers brunch, lunch, and dinner; but also because it has a some of best the quick bites you will ever eat. Warm, flaky croissants and French toast with sweet jam are only the beginning of it. There’s even an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the sweet treats that Cafe Parvis has to offer during the summer.

Mood - Adventurous

Cafe - Crew Collective & Cafe

As a university student, it can be easy to get find yourself spending every day inside the McGill or Concordia bubble without ever venturing outside of it. In case you have some extra time and are feeling adventurous, old Montreal is a great place to start for all sorts of cafes. It is a necessity to try out Crew Cafe, a gorgeous, cathedral style converted bank with high ceilings and little booths where you can study in privacy.

Mood - Calm, Chill, and Cozy

Cafe - Leaves Cafe

Leaves Cafe gives all the calm, chill and cozy vibes you need after midterms or finals. With big windows that let in lots of sunshine and lots of tiny, colorful plants - all of which are for sale at reasonable prices - this cafe radiates only positive energy and is the ideal place to spend time chilling with friends or getting some studying done. Its easy to spend hours at Leaves without getting bored or ever feeling the need to leave your cozy and chill space. It is also a vegan cafe and has gluten-free options for its deserts and savory snacks. 

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list of Montreal's best cafes, but rather a select few that I always love going back to. Whether you are visiting Montreal for the first time or have already been a student here for a few years, make sure to visit at least one of these places before leaving the city - no matter what mood you're feeling that day, Montreal cafes will offer you - and your taste buds - an incredible experience.