Mad. Sq. Eats is one of the best summer food fests in NYC.  Why? Well, it's located in front of the Flatiron Building (aesthetics), and it's open every single day from 11am-9pm (less crowded). But that's not the best part: it features many restaurants and vendors from around NYC all in one spot (you can double fist ice cream and pizza and only have to walk 20 feet).

Every vendor at Mad. Sq. Eats is amazing, and you really can't go wrong with any of them. However, sometimes having to choose means expending energy you need to conserve in the summer, otherwise known as "The Season of Oppressive Heat and the Smell of Hot Garbage." So I took the liberty of eating my way through the fest, and giving you my five food faves for you to try.

Jars by Dani

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Alexandra Tringali

My first encounter with Jars by Dani was because of my old roommate, who would leave countless empty jars all over our bedroom which, here in NYC, is not a very good idea (rats, roaches, etc).

However, her ability to consume at least 13 jars in 7 days really spoke to me: it said that there had to be something damn good about these beautiful little jars of cake. After one bite I realized, yeah, these are damn good jars of cake. I had the pleasure of devouring the PB Tahini Banana Bread Jar - the special of the day.

Casa Toscana

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Alexandra Tringali

Fun fact: I am writing this article from Florence, Italy. I have been gorging myself on all the many delicious bites the Tuscan Hills have to offer - especially gelato (I had it four times in two days...).  And out of all of the gelato I've eaten so far this summer, I can't stop thinking about this cup of mascarpone and caramelized fig gelato from Tuscan NYC restaurant Casa Toscana.


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Alexandra Tringali

Homemade and truly authentic Colombian food in the heart of New York City. Repeat that line, and then ask yourself if you've ever seen or been to such an establishment. Probably not. Well that's about to change!

Founded by two women from Colombia, Palenque churns out incredible arepas – a white cornmeal-based bread from South America – topped with a wide variety of deliciously seasoned and fresh ingredients, like chicken, beef, and red beans & hogao, a tomato and onion-based sauce.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Alexandra Tringali

For many Northeasterners, summertime means fresh lobster rolls on soft, flavorful bread, with creamy dressings and cold lobster. If you aren't from the Northeast and don't understand that sentiment, take a bite of this lobster roll and you will see why. Flavored bread that's just the right amount of crusty on the outside and soft on the inside: check. Chilled lobster from Maine: check. Creamy homemade mayo: check. A perfect Maine Lobster Roll? Yes.

Melt Bakery

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Alexandra Tringali

I love ice cream. And I love cookies, just about as much as I love ice cream. So needless to say, Melt Bakery has one of my favorite summer treats. While I am a huge red velvet fan, this time I tried the Lumberjack, with oatmeal bacon cookies and maple ice cream. If that sounds like the perfect combo, you're right, because it is.

While I only mentioned five, there are so many other incredible vendors at Mad. Sq. Eats – you can't go wrong with any of them!  But you better hurry, the springtime market is only there until June 9th! It will return again, however, for the fall market in early September.