Hey Dunkin' Fanatics! If you are like me and NEED a coffee to start your day, then I am sure the Dunkin' renovation did not go unnoticed.

We are thanking the coffee gods for it!! Finally, enough space for us to grab our on-the-go without being trampled by tired undergrads.

If you saw my previous article, you know Dunkin' at the UConn Storrs campus was not its best in the past few years. The on-the-gos were yelled on a speaker from a cramped dead-end hallway shaped coffee shop. The lines would extend as far as the concession store in the Student Union and it would take FOREVER to get your order in and made.

Courtney Stewart

Now, lo and behold, our prayers of a renovation have been answered. Dunkin' was able to build into the old club sports office which has not been used in over a year, and create a refreshing morning experience. The expansion includes:

- New Slogans: "UConn Runs on Dunkin'" creating a feeling of community with the brand

- A bakery window: showing all the baked goods available to order and giving Dunkin' a classy old-school coffee shop vibe

- A literal kiosk outside you can order on to avoid the lines

- A separate section for on-the-go pickup so you don't have to elbow your way through clumps of people

- And the best, a bar system for storing and preparing coffee and tea

Courtney Stewart

The bar system requires the coffee to be stored in certain temperatures and under required storage conditions when it is loaded into the machine. Employees at the newly modeled location believe this has made the original blend taste a lot smoother and fresher. It also allows them to form an almost conveyor-like system when preparing the drinks for the customers. They have a separate section for cream, sugar, and swirls, and then hand off to the coffee station. Instead of the loudspeaker screaming out orders at the end, a kind barista hands you your hand-crafted coffee with a smile.

To top it off, you have enough room to exit Dunkin' without fighting through the crowd on the way out.

Courtney Stewart

Dunkin' has defied the odds and completely fixed all the critiques it has received. The location at UConn has improved the quality of their coffee, created an enjoyable ambiance, and the app, along with the built-in kiosk, has made this location very accessible.

If you have not yet stopped by the renovated Dunkin', I highly recommend it. 10/10 coffee and 10/10 for the aesthetic. They got it right

Drab and dull to fab and bright, keeping the signature coffee we all love.

UConn Runs on Dunkin' !