The Stand Vegan Cafe located inside the Sportsplex in Fairfield, CT is the perfect place to go to after taking a class at the Cycle Bar, or Club Pilates. The Stand Vegan Cafe is a place for anyone who is looking to expand their palette with healthy alternatives through food that is good for you!

They Offer More Than Just Vegan

They have an extensive menu of entrees, breakfast, sandwiches, salads, juices, and more. Most of their menu items are gluten free or can be made to be. This aspect makes it perfect for anyone with a dietary restriction. I myself am a vegan and my best friend is gluten-free, which is why I love taking her here when she visits. The goal of The Stand Vegan Cafe is to have a place that allows people to both eat and feel healthier.

Vegan Doesn't Always Have To Be Super Healthy

There are items on the menu that are meant for people who want to eat healthier, for people who want to seem like they are eating a healthier option, and for those who want a healthy vegan version of their favorite foods. Their dessert menu is a great representation of this! We tried their famous Cookie of the Day, which was a Ginger Molasses Cookie, and it tasted exactly like a ginger bread man...which is perfect for this fall season! We also tried their Gluten Free vanilla cupcake, which was equally delicious.

Magic In A Bottle

Need a refresh? The stands juice are the perfect pick-me-up to your busy week. They have an amazing juice list made to order every day. Their most popular item on their menu is the Stand[ard] which consists of kale, cucumber, celery, and apple. Yum, right! These delicious treats are perfect for on the go or if you and your friends are looking to do a cleanse. Cleanses are a great way to restart your metabolism that has been up destroyed from stress eating at the dining hall, or any other unhealthy foods that we inevitably consume as college students.

Local Art Features 

The Vegan Stand Cafe is not just about food! If you love going to art galleries then you will adore this feature they have. Every three months they change the art that they feature in the cafe so you can keep coming back for more. They have an Artist Program that displays the works of local artist in the Fairfield area. The stand isn't just about food, they also value building a community. Chef Jenna McPartland says, "the Artist Program is a chance for people to connect over beautiful images, delicious food, and great conversation." Sounds like the perfect night!

Check out the next artist, Sarah Grote on November 8, 2019 from 7-8:30 pm. The Gallery is open to the public and hors d’oeuvres will be served so make sure to grab some friends on and check out the horse themed art reception!

Our Recommendations 

One of the newest items on their menu is the Skinny Buddha Bowl, which is a must try. The ingredients were amazingly fresh and the Magic Sauce was delicious. This bowl beats the Tully bowls any day. Another must try is the Seitan Bagel Sandwich, this sandwich has housemate maple-mustard glazed seitan. It is a perfect combination of sweet and savory with the tarragon mayonnaise and smoked tofu.

Next time you are in the mood for something that is made with fresh and meaningful ingredients make sure you check out The Stand Vegan Cafe. And don't forget to ask yourself: What do you stand for?