The Lil Flea, the real celebration of shopping, food, music & happiness is back to Delhi from 1st February to 3rd February with its Second Edition. This time it's bringing with it, 250 pop-ups, 50 foodlets, soulful indie music, open air movie theatre, book-exchanges and more.  

Prageet Goel

A brainchild of two creative minds – Alankar Jain and Priyanka Punjabi, started over 4 years ago back in the City of dreams, Mumbai, and the Lil Flea has constantly been a fantastic platform & community to showcase creativity and spread them amazing vibes. It brings together some amazing home-grown brands,indie-bands and experimental food enthusiasts in an environment filled with happy vibes and the most Instagram worthy bohemian decor. 

Here's why the Lil Flea is the place to be -

1. Specially Curated Pop Up

Prageet Goel

The final participants are selected through a very vigorous curation process which brings down thousands of applicants to about 250 final participants who make it to the final show, ensuring a new and unforgettable experience for each of it’s visitors. Guess this year's curators? None other than our very own, Shivesh Bhatia, Gunjan Sawhney & Sahiba Gursahaney!

2. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping...

Prageet Goel

With 250 hand-picked homegrown brands from across the country, which you cannot find in your neighbourhood mall, bringing you everything from apparel, jewellery, accessories to home decor and stationery, your wardrobe and you will thank the Lil Flea later. Shopaholics gear up already!

3. The Ultimate Foodie Experience

Prageet Goel

Food in itself is amazing but food in Delhi is a milestone experience, add to it the Lil Flea touch and you have a menu that literally calls out to your taste buds. Discover carefully curated food pop-ups brought to you by new-on-the-block and experienced chefs of the local community as well as a variety of delectable sugary treats. We promise you are gonna have the best of both worlds at this crazy festival as they are featuring over 50 food brands and artisanal desserts.

4. All Day Open Movie Theatre

Prageet Goel

Calling all the movie buffs, Lil Flea didn't forget about you! Skip Netflix and forget Prime because Indie classics will be screened all day at the Lil Flea, out in the open. Also, Coke has been tossed out for beers, for those who cannot do movies without that something chilled. 

5. Live Indie Music For The Soul 

Prageet Goel

If music is your poison, the Lil Flea will connect you with some of the most original sounds coming from the indie music scene in the country. Coming all the way from Mumbai, Lil Flea will have  soothing melodies of Nikhil D’souza, fun sounds of Tejas Menon, Dylan inspired music of Clayton Hogermeer, African rythms with Bombay Djembe Folas and Indian Sufi Rock specialists Kabir Cafe. And from Delhi there’s Sanjeeta Bhattacharya who’ll make you sway to some nice jazz tunes and Kamakshi Khanna who’ll get you grooving on pop music.

6. The Lil Flea Book Exchange

Prageet Goel

Bring a book, leave it because no one can ever have too many stories to tell or too many stories to read. This book exchange is our personal favourite because of the genuine thought behind the concept. So, all the bibliophiles in the house, give them a cheer!

7. Some Other Lil Things About Lil Flea

Prageet Goel

Little things matter and Lil Flea takes care of those too.  With its beautifully done up bohemian decor and fun installations, the Lil Flea is perhaps the most Instagram-able festivals in the country so don’t forget to dress up in your best when you come there with your gang as you just might land some of your best profile pics here. Also, you can choose to do some good by adopting a plant, or simply collecting the free seeds they give to every visitor that comes to the flea.

#Spoon Tips

- For those who want to visit on all three days (which we are sure, you will), there is a 3-Day Pass at a very special rate

- So book right now at

Happy Lil Rules to follow at The Lil Flea:

Rule #1 Don’t forget to bring them positive vibes.

Rule #2 Be yourself. Do your thing. Ain’t nobody judging you at The Lil Flea.

Rule #3 Get real with your style statement. The Lil Flea paparazzi will be on the lookout!

Rule #4 Save your appetite. Ditch the diet. Accept food with open arms!

Rule #5 Forget mainstream. Mainstream music. Mainstream fashion. Mainstream anything.

What: The Lil Flea, Delhi takes place,

Where: JLN Stadium, New DelhiWhen: 1st, 2nd & 3rd February 2019Timing: 11:00am to 11:00pmEntry Ticket: INR 250 |

Event Page:

So, save the date and book your passes right away!