Spoon University Blogger The Bacon Princess got a chance to visit Nicecream Factory, an ice cream store right outside of Washington, D.C. to learn everything there is to know about their new chocolate bacon ice cream.

bacon ice cream gif 2
Nicecream gets all their ingredients from local farmers and uses liquid nitrogen to create the freshest ice cream you’ve ever had.

bacon princess gif 8
Seriously, doesn’t that look freaking awesome?

bacon ice cream gif 3

You’d think everyone would be down with bacon in ice cream, but a lot of people are hesitant when they see it on the menu. This was confusing to us, so we roamed the streets to see what the deal was. Apparently there are a lot of vegetarians in DC.

bacon ice cream gif 5

All in all, we decided it doesn’t matter what the haters think because have you seen a more perfect scoop?

bacon princess gif 9

bacon ice cream gif 12

The Bacon Princess’ thoughts? A super rich scoop with the perfect consistency that epitomizes salty and sweet, and you must be absolutely insane not to try it.

bacon ice cream gif 4

To find out when Nicecream will be offering their chocolate bacon flavor, check out their flavor calendar.

Because we know you’re going to want to incorporate bacon into everything from now on, here’s some recipes to get you started: