Ah, Greencastle, Indiana. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised. Over 10,000 wonderful people call Greencastle their permanent home and about 2,000 awesome students get to call it their 'home away from home' while attending DePauw University. For some, a town of 10,000 sounds normal but for others, like those from big cities, the transition is a little difficult. Here are some of the struggles DePauw students face while going away to a university in a small town.

"You go to DePaul, in Chicago, right?"

We've all heard it... especially around the time of high school graduation. Everyone seems to miss the extra emphasis you put on the last letter of DePauw and just jumps to the conclusion that you go to DePaul University in Chicago, IL. And your response is, "No, it's DePauw, with a 'w' and it's in Greencastle, Indiana." They'll grace you with a warm smile in return but I promise you, in their mind, they're really like.. 

Food Options Are Limited... Especially After 10 PM

This one really hits home: you've had an awful day and all you want is a bowl, with extra guac, from Chipotle but the nearest one is an hour away. So you weigh your options, "Hoover dining hall? Burger King? Mcdonald's? Ugh, do I really want McDonald's again?"

And oh shoot, your nap ran five hours too long? It's after 12 am and you're starving? Well, you've just limited yourself even more... guess Mcdonald's it is.. or Marvin's.

Your Fun Can Be Limited

Especially if you don't have a car on campusSometimes it can feel like a total bore to be on campus once you've rewatched Gossip Girl for the 3rd time, been out at the frats for the past two weekends, and sat in Stewart Plaza, reminiscing, for the second night in a row. Not to mention Indianapolis is about an hour away... so close yet so far.

Going To The Local Walmart Is Like The Reunion You Never Needed

(Not only do we not have a Chipotle.. but we also don't have a Target either. *cue the tears*)

Everyone knows the routine of checking and double checking with your friends to make sure no one needs anything from Walmart before you embark on your journey. (All seven minutes of the drive.) And then getting there and realizing that half of your Human Cultures class is also there shopping. "Omg, funny seeing you here!"

I'll Just Take A Train To See You! Think Again.

You actually have to drive about an hour to get to the nearest train station before you can even get on your way to the destination you were hoping to take the train to. The luxury of taking trains to different parts of the city? Forget about it.

Even though the transition to a small town—like Greencastle—can be hard sometimes with the limited amount of food options, entertainment, and transportation it's still home, even if it's only temporarily. And it sure does make you appreciate the little things your not-so-small town brings you.