When you’re a St. John's student and you think about pizzerias, the first places that come to mind are usually Vincenzo's and Regina's. You also probably aren’t thinking about a pizzeria that’s kosher and serving up some Mediterranean and Israeli specialties, but that’s what you’ll get at Benny's Kosher Pizza

Benny’s serves up regular pizza slices alongside pizza that has falafel, French fries, and even baked ziti on top. The Benny's website even encourages you to “share your ideas with Benny” and suggest new pizza toppings. There’s only one catch: Benny’s doesn’t serve any meat. 

I’m a meat-lover, but when I walk into Benny’s, I know the deal. I order a cheese boureka (flaky, puff pastry dough stuffed with creamy cheese) and a Greek salad that is always loaded with feta. When it gets a little colder out, I order some mushroom barley soup (the fresh dill is bomb af) and I warm right up. The funky pizza combinations keep me going back and constantly wanting to try something new (because sometimes dining on the St. John’s campus just doesn’t cut it).

The thing I love about Benny’s is that it doesn’t try too hard. It isn’t made to be particularly beautiful, it doesn’t change based on new food trends, and it isn’t somewhere where you’d take a Tinder match on a first date. Oddly enough, those are all of the reasons I keep going back. Benny’s isn’t the feeling of a new relationship — it’s the feeling of having been with someone for so long and knowing that they aren’t perfect, but you love them anyway and see right past their flaws. Benny’s Kosher Pizza is a reminder that some places can serve up something just as comforting as what your grandma makes. All the old recipes you know and love, never changing, still just as good as the first time around. That’s Benny’s.

Joel Stephen.

If you’re feeling like trying something new, Benny’s delivers to the St. John’s campus. You can choose from their selection of bourekas, pizza with just about anything on it, falafel in a pita, Greek salad, potato pancakes, and just about anything else that isn’t meat. You’ll also find something else every student loves at Benny’s: low prices. If you’re looking for your new favorite place off campus, I think Benny’s just might be the place for you.

Benny’s Kosher Pizza is located at 181-30 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY 11366.