Just a few blocks from the sorority quad on the corner of Oak avenue and University Place, the Evanston Farmers Market is a haven for Evanston families and Northwestern students looking for fresh produce and local vendors. Here are some of my favorite stands:

1. Dulce Caramel Co.

This was my favorite vendor, and definitely the most unique. They sell “Alfajores,” which are sandwiches from heaven. Two shortbread cookies are filled with rich dulce de leche in the middle, and the whole thing is covered in chocolate (they have white, dark, and milk). Definitely a must-eat at the market.

2. Nichols Farm and Orchard

Here I got some affordable fruits and veggies for my dorm that I couldn’t find in the dining halls, and for way cheaper than Whole Foods. However, many of the fruit and vegetable stands are very similar, so I would recommend any of them as they are all cheap and farm fresh.

3. Gotta B Crepes

Another great thing about the Evanston Farmers Market is that you can use it as a spot for breakfast or lunch. Or brunch, if you’re cool like that. For a meal at the market, I recommend getting a crepe. I got the ham and cheese crepe and it was everything I wanted it to be.

4. The Cheese People

If you are like me, then cheese is one of the things you miss most at college. However, fear not, this cheese stand has everything from blues to brie to cheddar. Don’t leave the market without picking up a artisanal addition to your wine night. 

5. City Press Juice & Bottle

If you’re tired of Peeled and overpriced Whole Foods juices, try this table. They sell high-quality, organic fruit and vegetable juices. I would recommend these juices if you need an immune system boost or are trying to cleanse after a crazy weekend.