The University of Oregon is a place that has always attracted all types of students. From frat stars and sports enthusiasts to environmentalists and social activists, Eugene has a little something for everyone. Recently, however, hipsters have swept the land and have left a lasting influence on the food scene at the UO. Here is a list of the top 10, inherently hipster, cool trends that you can find and/or create yourself around campus. Click the photo or title of each number for more info!

1. Barcades :  Level Up

Level Up

Photo by Judy Holtz

2. Local Craft Brews: Falling Sky Brewery

Let It Pour

Photo by Judy Holtz

3.  Anything Kombucha: Kombucha Kocktails

Photo by Elizabeth Emery

4. Food Carts:  Da Nang Food Cart

Da Nang Customers

Photo by Judy Holtz

5. Street Fair Grub: ASUO Street Fair

Grilling Chicken

Photo by Kassie McIntyre

6. Anything Kale: Kale and Chicken Recipe


Photo by Elizabeth Emery

7. Anything in Mason Jars: Mason Jar Breakfast Parfait Recipe

Mason jar yogurt parfait

Photo by Anna Loh

8. Fancy Doughnuts: Voodoo Doughnuts

doughut shot.jpg

Photo by Ally Barclay

9. Indie Coffee Houses: Victrola Coffee Roasters


Photo by Kailla Coomes

10. Alcoholic things that aren’t drinks: Alcoholic Popsicles

Sweet Tea and Malibu Popsicle

Photo by Tiare Brown


Bottom line is it’s never been easier to eat your way through trends. This list of Eugenian and general recipes and restaurants can be your guide to living the lifestyle. Now, slap on a beanie and some skinny jeans and try some of these out to channel your inner hipster.