People often associate good food with big cities like New York or LA. The truth is good food is everywhere - you just have to know where to look for it. Even Fairfield County which is made up of 24 small Connecticut cities and towns, boasts some incredible food.

Here's a list of the most epic desserts in Fairfield County.

1. Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake at Cake Box

I've eaten a lot of cupcakes in my life and absolutely nothing tastes as good as the mint chocolate chip cupcakes at Cake Box. They only serve this decadent flavor on Thursdays, so make sure to check your calendar before stopping into one of their Ridgefield or Westport locations. They also have a gluten free location called Swoon in Ridgefield.

2. S'mores Campfire at Milkcraft

Milkcraft in Fairfield instantly became insta-famous among young adults in Fairfield County because their cones are so damn pretty. I recommend going during the day so you can take a photo of your liquid nitrogen churned ice cream in a Hong Kong-style cone with natural lighting. 

3. Vanilla Soft Serve at Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop

Ridgefield Ice Cream is the definition of a classic ice cream shop. It's an old school Carvel from the 1950's that serves up some of the best soft serve around. Don't get too complicated - stick with their simple, but delicious vanilla. Full disclosure: I did work here in high school, but that just shows that they have great ice cream and great service.

4. Cow Trax - Ferris Acres Creamery

Even Food Network agrees that Cow Trax at Newtown's Ferris Acres Creamery is the bomb. Creamy vanilla with a peanut butter swirl and chocolate chips? Yes, please.

5. Apple Cranberry Crumb Pie at Michele's Pies

If you're a pie lover, you have got to head over to Norwalk to try the unreal pies at Michele's Pies. They sell five-inch and nine-inch pies that are absolutely unreal.

6. 12 Layer Chocolate Cake at Vespa

This Westport spot has amazing Italian food AND incredible desserts. Their best dessert is this monstrous 12 layer cake that is almost too decadent for words.

7. Chocolate Souffle at Schoolhouse at Cannondale

This is another restaurant that serves great food along with its great desserts. The chocolate souffle is a particularly delicious choice.

8. Yin and Yang Fondue at The Melting Pot

Yes, The Melting Pot is a national chain, but the Darien location is a Fairfield County staple. It's a classic spot for 16 year old and 50 year old birthday celebrations alike. The Yin and Yang is dark chocolate and white chocolate that you can dip fruits, brownies and other sweet treats into.

9. Cotton Candy at Wuji

Wuji is a tasty Chinese restaurant in Greenwich that serves up delicious cotton candy with the bill. Some cotton candy is the perfect way to make paying the bill a little sweeter.

10. Cookies and Cream Shake at Johnny Utah's

Johnny Utah's in South Norwalk is more than just a country themed bar - they have amazing milkshakes as well. The cookies and cream shake is topped with cookie cereal that gives it a satisfying crunch.

11. Pistachio Soft Serve at Stew Leonard's 

If you haven't gone to Stew Leonard's in either Norwalk or Danbury you are really missing out. The grocery store/dairy store has fresh ice cream that you can enjoy while doing your shopping. If you spend over $100 on groceries you get a voucher for a free cone.

12. Macarons at Sweet Pistachio

Sweet Pistachio is a dessert events company that is based in Brooklyn, but they have a shop in Stamford. Residents of Stamford should consider themselves lucky to be so close to such sweet, flaky macarons. 

13. Butter Cake at The Whelk

The Whelk is a Westport restaurant and oyster bar that serves up dope seafood and decadent desserts. Their desserts are legendary in CT and every single one of them is worth trying.

14. Chocolate at Deborah Anne's Sweet Shop

Deborah Anne's of Ridgefield is the place to find homemade chocolate in Fairfield County. They have every chocolate covered treat you could possibly imagine and more. I recommend their peanut butter cups or chocolate covered grahams.

15. Cardiac Arrest at Il Bacio

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. This ice cream flavor will fulfill all of your chocolate fantasies with 7 kinds of chocolate mixed in. Even the New York Times gave this flavor a shout out and called it "ultra chocolatey." Rest assured that all of Il Bacio's ice cream uses fresh, delicious ingredients.

16. S'mores Donut at Donut Crazy

This doughnut store has locations all over CT, including in Stratford, Shelton, New Haven and a store opening soon in Westport. Their doughnuts are crazy. Crazy delicious, that is.

17. Hot Fudge Sundae at Dr. Mikes

Dr. Mikes is hidden away in a back ally in Bethel and according to The Daily Beast they make the "best ice cream on Earth." I recommend picking your favorite flavor and smothering it in their delicious hot fudge. 

18. Hot Chocolate at Chocopologie

This Norwalk cafe whips up some seriously good chocolate desserts. Their lava cakes are to die for and their hot chocolate is other worldly. Just look at those toasted marshmallows!

19. Pastries at Grace Farms

Grace Farms is a gorgeous New Canaan farm that features outdoor trails along with a library and a beautiful cafe to have lunch or small snacks. Leah Jones, the pastry chef at Grace Farms, has worked hard to curate an amazing range of delicious desserts. The food along with the scenery make Grace Farms a home-run destination. 

20. Brownie Bites at SONO Baking Company and Cafe

This adorable bakery has locations in Wesport, Norwalk and Darien and they often sell their baked goods at local festivals and farmers' markets. Aside from cakes, brownies and pastries they also sell incredible breads.

21. Hot Chocolate Souffle at Match

This trendy Norwalk spot has unique eats and decor. Make sure to save room for dessert. Their molten chocolate cake, in particular, is gooey, chocolatey and incredibly satisfying.

22. Apple Cider Doughnuts at Blue Jay Orchards

It's not fall in New England without apple cider doughnuts. Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel serves up some of the best. Have the ultimate autumnal day by going apple picking and then enjoying some cider and doughnuts.

23. Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato at La Fenice 

La Fenice brings a taste of Italy to Greenwich. This is the spot to cure your gelato cravings. All their flavors are tasty, but customers rave about the chocolate hazelnut flavor.

24. Key Lime Pie at Gingerbitz

Gingerbitz is a friendly neighborhood bakery that serves up delicious muffins and pies. Their key lime pie beats the key lime pies I tried in the Florida Keys. No need to head to Florida, just pop over to New Canaan.

25.  Doughnuts at Sweet Pea's Baking Company

Sweet Pea's doughnuts are perfect in their simplicity. They are flaky and chewy with a generous dusting of sugar on top. Enjoy one with a mug of their top notch coffee.

So if you love chocolate, ice cream, doughnuts or pie, look no further than Fairfield County. Dessert lovers can find everything they want here.