The restaurant scene around Davidson can be a little repetitive, especially when it comes to special nights out. You've probably already taken you s.o. to Kindred, Flatiron, and probably even Fork. But it's time to break out of the slump! Meet Epic Chophouse: your new go-to date spot just 15 minutes from campus.

To get there, just take a right out of campus on Main Street and drive down the road about 15 minutes. That's it. You've already impressed your date by not having to pull out Waze to find your way around. When you get there, be sure to take advantage of their complimentary valet parking! Now you're really rolling up in style. 

Inside, you'll quickly realize that you're in a classy establishment. The lighting is low, the waitstaff is dressed to the nines, and there's fine art hanging on the wall.

#SpoonTip: Ask to be seated at the booths in the middle of the first floor. You can thank me later.

Next up comes the menu. This thing is huuuuuge. Take your time to go over it, relying on your waiter for backup whenever necessary. For the can't-miss items: the spinach and brie bake, the tuna sear, and the epic chocolate cake.

Oh, and don't sleep on their potatoes: you get to choose from five different preparations for each entree. The best part? Most of the entrees ring in at around $20 or less. That's a much better deal than you'll find in downtown Davidson. (I'm looking at you, Flatiron, with your $25 chicken breast).

Epic Chophouse is all you could want in a date destination: it has proximity, class, menu variety, and value. Next time you're in need of somewhere to take your S.O., be sure to give this place a try!