Aside from being the Scottish capitol, Edinburgh is a hot and happening city with a growing foodie culture. I transferred to Vanderbilt University as a sophomore, but previously studied at the University of St Andrews, which is an hour and a bit away from the bustling city. Many day and weekend trips were dedicated to exploring the city's best bites, with some of my closest friends being Edinburgh locals. Based on my experience and their expertise, here are 20 things to eat in Edinburgh before you die.

1. Crepes from Tupiniquim Brazilian Crêpes

This Brazilian crêpe caravan has savoury and sweet crêpes to grab on the go while exploring the historic city. I have a voracious sweet-tooth, and usually go for a fruity option. 

2. Anything from Mary's Milk Bar

Mary's Milk Bar in the Grassmarket makes high-quality ice cream and milkshakes in a variety of flavors. Check out the hot chocolates and floats, too!

3. Cooked Breakfast from City Café

Fry-ups are a quintessential British breakfast experience. They usually include fried eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, potato scones, and toast. At City Café, they're the real deal. 

4. Rose and Coconut Cake from Lovecrumbs Cake

Lovecrumbs is a quaint café with a variety of unique cake flavors and barista coffees. Enjoy a break from sightseeing in this homey environment. 

5. Haggis at Whiski Rooms

Haggis is a savoury pudding of sheep's plucked, mixed with onions, oats, suet, and spices. Certainly an acquired taste, an original and vegetarian take on the classic Scottish fare are available at this modern bar, restaurant, and whiskey shop. 

6. Pad Thai at Ting Thai Caravan

Dishing up Thai classics in fuss-free cardboard boxes, Caravan is known for its Pad Thai and other fragrant dishes. 

7. Pork Baos at Ninja Buns

Fluffy, steamed buns loaded with flavorful pulled pork and veggies, convenient for on-the-go sight seeing. 

8. Wings at Wings

With over 80 unique sauces, Wings offers the ultimate experience in wing customization. 

9. Baked Potatoes from The Baked Potato Shop

With a diverse menu, this niche spot sees large queues around lunchtime, and has vegan and vegetarian-friendly options as well. 

10. Haggis Burritos from Los Cardos

While the American Chipotle tsunami was a mere ripple across the pond, Los Cartos has earned a following for its delicious classic burritos, as well as its unique Haggis rendition. 

11. Nutella Calzone from Civerino's 

Civerino's serves sourdough pizza and other Italian street foods, but the Nutella calzone is its most awe-inducing. Warm, soft bread reveals a center of ooey, molten chocolatey-hazelnutty goodness. 

12. Phở from Phở Vietnam House

This Vietnamese hot noodle soup is perfect for the cold and wet Scottish weather. I always stick to the traditional broth and add-ons, but do enjoy a sprinkling of mint sprigs!

13. Pizza from La Favorita

Many consider La Favorita's pies as the best in the city. Now, with vegan cheese available on their menu, those who follow a plant-based diet can indulge. I opt for vegan cheese, arugula, peppers, and avocado. 

14. Ramen from Tang's

With rich, full-bodied broths and a multitude of add-ins, Tang's ramen is satisfying and a warm reprieve from the elements. 

15. Sushi from Sushiya

Classic and modern interpretations make for a delicious meal, especially in a country with access to ultra high-quality fish.

16. Scones from Eteaket

Eteaket serves some of the city's best scones, which are often paired with clotted cream and jam. A perfect accompaniment to freshly brewed tea. 

17. Nachos from The Auld Hoose

While at St. Andrews, I was surprised by the widespread popularity of nachos in Scotland. The Auld Hoose serves a veritable mountain, leaving narry a patron hungry. 

18. Gyoza from Harajuku Kitchen

This popular Japanese eatery is known for its crispy, flavorful gyoza, which are available at a Stockbridge Market stall on Sundays for an easy on-the-go snack. 

19. Açaí Bowls from Pumpkin Brown

As an avid foodstagrammer I may be biased, but these stunning bowls are too much to resist, especially since they're full of healthy fruits, nuts, and seeds to keep you going during hours of exploring the city.

20. Tea from The Balmoral

While certainly not a cheap excursion, afternoon tea is a quintessentially British experience. The Balmoral's lavish interior and exquisite finger sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and teas create the ultimate dining experience.