Watch out grubHub! EatStreet is the newest and best way to order food on Syracuse Campus.

When I first looked into EatStreet, I was so surprised by the amount of restaurants on the site that I had never heard of. Being a foodie, and a senior now, I felt like I had been gypped for four years.


Photo courtesy of EatStreet

The first thing I noticed, when comparing the two websites, was the amount of restaurants EatStreet had listed. EatStreet offers a whopping 65 restaurants in the Syracuse area, whereas grubHub only offers 44.

Whether you are in the mood for pizza, sushi or barbecue, here is a list of some of our favorite places that grubHub does not offer:

A Mexican Affair


Photo courtesy of A Mexican Affair

With 4.2 stars, their menu offers a variety of Mexican cuisine including burritos, tacos and even burrito bowls that could possibly compete with Chipotle’s… judge for yourself.

BBQ House
If you are looking for an alternative to Dinosaur BBQ, this might be the place for you. This Asian-style barbecue joint has an extensive menu with a rating of 3.5 stars. The dishes are all relatively cheap, too.

Dolce Vita World Bistro


Photo courtesy of Dolce Vita

You and your friends can’t decide on what type of food to order? With Dolce Vita, you don’t have to settle because they offer an array of food from seafood to shepherd’s pie to Mexican. This restaurant, given 4 stars, is a no brainer.

Beer Belly Deli & Pub


Photo courtesy of Beer Belly Deli & Pub

Instead of taking that long trek to Westcott, you can order Beer Belly’s fried specialties for delivery with EatStreet. Its 4 star rating makes this pub a must try.

Sabatino’s Pizza
Looking for a break from all those drunken Domino’s pizza orders? Try some New York style pizza with some wings and “sassy” sauce on the side from Sabatino’s. They’ve been rated at 3.5 stars.

Thai Flavor


Photo courtesy of Thai Flavor

This Thai restaurant, located on Erie Boulevard, offers a much larger menu than Appethaizing. The typical Pad Thai order is available along with an “Adventurers” section for those willing to go outside their comfort zone. It has been given an impressive 3.8 stars.

Make the switch with us to EatStreet, today. For $3 off of your order of $15 or higher, use the code 3SPOON for a limited time only!

This post is sponsored by EatStreet.