Here in Memphis, Tennessee we pride ourselves in our local food and the experiences around it. Out of all the local restaurants Memphis has to offer, I have chosen to write about Jerry's Snow Cones.

The History

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Constance Connolly

Jerry's has become a popular Memphis food stop for residents and tourists. It all started around 1960: a couple bought the then Sinclair Gas Station and turned it into a carwash and snow cone shack, calling it Jerry's Snow Cones. From that point on, the couple spent years building their reputation and quality of snow cone. A huge boost came along when the director of "Great Balls of Fire" decided to shoot a scene at this small-town shop.

The World Famous Snow Cone Supreme

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Constance Connolly

The Jerry's has continued its tradition since the 1960s, and people today continue to love what it has to offer. They offer a plethora of burgers and fried foods while also offering a choice of more than 70 flavors for their snow cones. What is even more unique about Jerry's is the "World Famous Snow Cone Supreme", which is a blend of vanilla or chocolate soft serve mixed in smooth layers of an icy snow cone. This is what attracts the lines that wrap around the building!

The Future of Success

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Constance Connolly

With all their success, Jerry's has been able to expand to another location. In addition to the new location, Jerry's has renovated- adding an eating area and a "Before I Die" wall that visitors are welcome to write on. In adding this wall, Jerry's has become a picture perfect scene for those enjoying the delicious food. 

If you ever go to Jerry's, which hopefully someday you will, there are some important things for you to know. The first thing is that they only take cash (a Supreme is $4!). Next, their least busy hours are from 11-1 and 8-9. Lastly, they are open all year round. Next time you stop in Memphis, make sure to make trip to Jerry's Snow Cones to add some flavor to your day!