Brazos Tacos opened in June of 2015 and has been the go-to taco joint for Charlottesville locals in-the-know ever since. The menu will make your mouth water… and want to try every single taco on there.

Their menu has you covered from breakfast to dinner, starting with egg-based breakfast offerings to hearty tacos sure to fill you up throughout the day.

If you are testing out the taco cleanse, this is the place to be. Missed the Brazos memo? Here’s why you should be eating every meal there.



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Brazos opens its doors bright and early at 7 am. Breakfast options range from the Austin Breakfast (braised brisket, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, pickled onions and queso fresco) to the El Guapo (made of refried black beans, scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, thick cut bacon, and jack cheese).

These baller tacos are a great way to wake up in the morning. Brazos also offers great coffee if the smell of delicious tacos doesn’t wake you up enough.

#SpoonTip (for those of us who want to pick up their tacos and go back to bed… isn’t that everyone?): Brazos now does online ordering. Simply place your order, pay and pick it up 20 minutes later.

Spoon recommends: The I Love You So Much taco — scrambled eggs, house made chorizo, mashed potatoes, roasted corn pico and queso fresco. Get it on a corn tortilla or even in a cup to minimize taco juice mess.



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Any time is taco time as far as we are concerned, but lunch time is especially good at Brazos. The tacos are small enough to be easily consumed between classes or at a desk, but are full of flavor and super satisfying.

Who couldn’t say no to a classic Pollo Rostizado (pulled chicken, guaco verde, chopped white onion and cilantro) or the Picadillo (ground beef sautéed with potatoes, onions and peppers, served with sliced avocado, jack cheese and pickled jalapeños)? Warning: you may spend the rest of the day dreaming about more tacos.

Spoon recommends: The Triple Pickle — refried black beans, mushroom bruja, roasted pepitas and chopped jalapeños with red onion pickles, jalapeño pickles, watermelon pickles and a lime wedge. This unusual combo is one of the best things on the menu.

#SpoonTip: If you can’t make it to Brazos for lunch right this second, these veggie black bean burritos are a great way to satisfy your immediate cravings.



Photo courtesy of @brazostacos on Instagram

If you hadn’t had enough Brazos yet (which you won’t have… seriously, you won’t be able to get enough), dinner at Brazos is never a bad idea. The fun, laid-back atmosphere and killer tacos can’t be beat in the evening.

Added bonus — Brazos allows you to bring in a bottle of wine to drink while enjoying your tacos for just a $6 uncorking fee. Wine and tacos — a match made in heaven. Pair it with your tacos and some chips and guac and you have yourself a night.

Spoon recommends: Usually there are taco specials at Brazos that make for a great dinner. Be sure to check online or on the menu so you don’t miss out on these limited edition tortilla-wrapped wonders.


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These include items such as the Pork Star (pork belly, honey-jefe salsa, avocado, diced onions, watermelon pickles and cilantro) and the Meatwad (brisket, chicken, bacon, avo-verde, honey-jefe and salsa roja with tomatoes and onions.) Or stick with a tried and true classic like the Carnitas (shredded slow-cooked pork shoulder, sliced avocado, pickled red onion, cilantro and lime.)

#SpoonTip: Top off your meal with a Mexican brownie.