Renowned chef, author and No Kid Hungry advocate Tyler Florence made a pit stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire February 25th, just one of the many locations filmed for season eleven of The Great Food Truck Race. The show's host will be accompanied with food trucks rallied from around the country who will compete in multiple cities on a trip across America. Locals braved the cold to eat on Market Street and some even got a chance to be on television.

Each episode features road blocks ranging from which team can squeeze enough fresh oranges to fill a glass pitcher first, to removing pits from dates the quickest. Winners of each challenge receive some sort of advantage, be it extra seed money or first dibs of an ingredient. In addition, Tyler Florence will occasionally throw the teams a curve ball by either removing or adding a key ingredient. Trucks who attract the most business drive away with the $50,000 grand prize. 

Preview of the Teams

Magical Mystery Heroes Traveling Food Truck - The elusive name gives these guys the element of surprise, but will it help or harm their business?

Creole Queens - regional cuisine has worked well in the past, last season's runner up was New England Grill, so this is one to put high on your food truck fantasy league.  

Slapshot Food Truck - Little has been said around this food truck, is that an indication it won't do well throughout the season? Especially if it has connotations with hockey pucks. (C'mon, we're talking about food people.)

Lia's Lumpia - Will the fried, Filipino dish that's typically stuffed with a pork and vegetable mixture drive this team to the top? I'm predicting these guys will play a huge role this season.

Big Stuff! - Is bigger better? Depending on who you ask, this could either work in their favor or cause Big Stuff! a huge blow.

What sets this competition apart from the rest is that the customers' tastes change depending on where the food trucks end up. A chili bread bowl might sell out on a below freezing day in New Hampshire, whereas spring rolls, not so much. The team who wins will be able to combine a crowds' taste and give it their own spin on a dish. 

Whatever the case may be - competition will be close based on the feedback from our Portsmouth locals, who were appreciative across the board.

The show's eleventh season premiere will be announced some time this spring on The Food Network Channel. Follow Tyler Florence to find out where the teams go next, and make sure to check Food Network for all the latest news.