Queens may not be the most famous borough, but we definitely have some of the best food. I can guarantee that you will want your next food trip to be Queens, New York. Here is just a handful of the most #foodporn places you’ll find in this diverse borough.

1. Double J Deli


Photo courtesy of Kevin L. on Yelp.com

Probably the most famous deli on Union Turnpike. This is a staple piece to any St. John’s kid, so naturally I’m sharing this place you. If you need a late night eat after a long night out or a quick lunch spot this is definitely the place to be.

#SpoonTip: Try one of the custom-made sandwiches by SJU organizations.

2. Martha’s Country Bakery


Photo courtesy of @ditut on Instagram

One visit here and you will forever be craving their sweets. Martha’s is a go-to when it comes to anything desserts. The second you walk in, you’ll be engulfed in the aroma of fresh coffee and cake.

3. Cafe Bench


Photo courtesy of @ginalicalzii on Instagram

In a dire need for a flavorsome french crepe? Cafe Bench has you covered. With cute decor and a welcoming staff, you won’t want to miss out.

#SpoonTip: Order the Super Nanny Mary Poppins with bananas. A Nutella, whip cream, and bananas explosion condensed into a cute crepe will be sure to blow your mind.

4. Acquista Trattoria


Photo by Lauren Majid

This is a traditional family-owned Italian restaurant that whips up pasta that’s to die for. The super family-friendly environment with a metropolitan vibe puts their competitors to shame.

#SpoonTip: Add shrimp to the penne alla vodka and it will make your taste buds very happy.

5. Queens Comfort


Photo courtesy of @queenscomfort on Instagram

Queens Comfort is definitely a must-try hot spot in Queens. The name says it all. If you’re in need of some comfort food, this innovative joint is where you need to eat your next meal. If you’re a huge brunch-goer, this place will become your best friend.

6. Bagels ‘n Cream Cafe


Photo by Jacqueline Canino

It could be argued that this is one of the best bagels in the NYC area. Bagels ‘n Cream not only produces a mouthwatering bagel, but the staff there is always incredibly sweet. If you’re ever craving an NYC bagel and are driving through Queens, make this a quick pit stop.

7. Tru Astoria


Photo courtesy of @truastoria on Instagram

Tru offers breakfast, brunch (let’s be honest, best meal of the day), lunch, and dinner. Eat, drink, and celebrate in the trendiest place in town.

8. Nick’s Pizza


Photo courtesy of Cynthia D. on Yelp.com

Nick’s is famous for their thin crust pizza and to-die-for calzones. Arguably the best pizza place in Queens.

9. Arepa Lady


Photo courtesy of @arepalady on Instagram

Saving the best for last, Arepa Lady is iconic and arguably one of the best food joints in the area. The Arepa Lady, a cute little Columbian woman, became famous from her food cart that developed a huge following from her delicious Arepa de Choclo. If you’re in the neighborhood, you definitely need to make this one of your stops.