We all have that annoying friend who constantly asks: “Is this gluten-free?” “Do you know if there is wheat in this?” “Is this malted?” “Do you know if there is breading on that?” Well, I am that friend. What many people do not realize is that Celiac disease is an actual thing—a thing that makes your intestines freak out in response to a morsel of bread. I know it's weird, which is why I was nervous about being gluten-free at Bentley.

While being gluten-free can be a challenge on a normal day, adulting on your own at college is a whole new adventure. Here is how to “go against the grain” here at Bent:


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Danielle Milner

Omelets on omelets on omelets. The mornings here in Waltham are just not complete without a trip to see our favorite man, Miguel. The omelet station is a big fave for everyone here at Bentley, but it is actually one of the best gluten-free options here because nothing in the omelet station contains any gluten, so there is no chance of cross-contamination.


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Danielle Milner

LaCava has a special place in the hearts of all of our gluten-free Falcons. As much as we love the endless salads, rice, and grilled chicken at the Seas, sometimes we have to step up our game. The Lower Café offers gluten-free sandwiches… and… as of the spring semester, wraps too!


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Danielle Milner

If you’re anything like me, you view Chipotle as a GF safe haven. Thankfully, at the Dana Center, you can find burrito bowls galore! Currito is like a Chipotle with a vast smoothie menu. You can spring for the salad with all the guac your little heart desires, or the burrito bowl loaded with mango salsa! Either way: get the smoothie.

Argo Tea

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Danielle Milner

Unbeknownst to most Falcons, Argo Tea has some gluten-free treats you can’t really find anywhere else. All of the drinks at Argo are gluten-free, even the bubble tea! While every tea is totally to die for—they have unique gluten-free snacks called Raw Bars.

Raw Bars are like little gluten-free brownies, expect they are crazy healthy. Made of dates and nuts, the Raw Bars are a fresh and unique snack that is 100% gluten-free. (Go for the spiced ginger flavor!)

Harvard Square

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Jessie Ruah

Luckily, if you are tired of searching for allergen-friendly food here at Bent, gluten-free heaven is just a quick shuttle ride away. It seems like every time I take a trip here, I find another place that I am obsessed with.

Border Café: Are you even GF if you don’t like Mexican food? With the heavy use of corn rather than flour in most products, Mexican food is usually a safe bet, and Border Café is a must. First of all, can we talk tortilla chips? The hot tortilla chips come out faster than you can say “margaritas.” If that doesn’t sound compelling enough, almost any menu item is, or can be made gluten-free with corn tortillas. This is a must-do with all of your friends, especially for a birthday or any type of celebration; plus it’s a big bang for your buck!

B.Good: I like to think of B.Good as a temple of all things gluten-free. B.Good is a locally-sourced, sustainable quick-service restaurant, and in my opinion, the most gluten-free friendly place I have ever been to. They offer salads, bowls, açaí bowls, burgers, and sandwiches. Anything can be made gluten-free and the gluten-free bread and burger buns are to die for. B.Good has regular and sweet potato fries and they’re both gluten-free! Some locations will even offer gluten-free baked goods near the checkout. (Don’t forget to try a smoothie too!)

The Just Crust: Major. Feels. My friends and I one day pulled the “we’re hungry, let’s go to Harvard Square and see what we can find” card. It worked. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but I don’t think I’ve had GF pizza better than the one at The Just Crust, and I’m from New Jersey. Just like most other places, you are going to have to order the individual pizza, but it’s totally worth it and not expensive. And if you somehow don’t finish the whole thing in one sitting, it tastes just as good the next day!

Whether you’re apprehensive about a food allergy, or you were looking to try the gluten-free lifestyle for a while, there's no reason to get "Bent" out of shape here in Waltham.