Since the start of school, my roommate and I have had an ongoing debate on the best pizza in Durham. What we can agree on, or at least make a compromise with, is the decision that comparing thin crust to hand tossed is like comparing apples to oranges. Our sample of nearly all of Durham's pizza has resulted in us finding the eight best places to find pizza, with a different type to satisfy all of your pizza cravings.

Thin Crust: Domino’s

Domino’s signature is their thin crust pizza. Domino's cuts their thin crust into squares, which makes it the optimal pizza to order when your late night study group is running two hours past what you anticipated. With their signature pizza toppings ranging from Buffalo Chicken to Pacific Veggie, Domino's ensures any flavor combination you are in the mood for is available. Since Domino’s delivers until 3 am on weekends and is a merchant-on-points, there is always a reason for Duke students to order Domino’s.

Hand-Tossed: Papa John’s

Papa John’s is another merchants-on-points favorite with their classic hand-tossed pizza. As someone who is picky about their pizza ratio (crust to sauce to toppings), Papa John’s hand-tossed offers the perfect distribution of ingredients. While you can never go wrong with a classic cheese pizza, Papa John's offers a wide variety of toppings (yes, even the most controversial pizza topping, pineapple). The Papa John's in Durham is also known for its quick delivery time, which makes it the ideal pizza to order when you are in a rush, or even just need a quick hangry fix.

Pizza By the Slice: Devil's Pizzeria

Located just minutes from East Campus, Devil's Pizzeria offers pizza slices as big as your face. Devil's has the best New York- style pizza in Durham, and its street pizzeria setup makes it perfect to grab a bite in between running errands on Ninth Street. For the best chance of getting a slice straight out of the oven, go to Devil's Pizzeria around lunchtime. One look at the gooey cheese peeking out of the oven will assure you that the yummy goodness was worth the wait.

Gluten-Free: Mellow Mushroom

As pizza should not be limited to gluten lovers only, Mellow Mushroom’s newly revamped gluten-free crust offers gluten-free pizza fans a way to enjoy their favorite dish. Made from smart flour, this crust tastes more like a traditional thin crust pizza, and is not overly crunchy as other gluten-free pizza crusts can be. This gluten-free crust is also vegan, which means you can bring all your friends to Mellow Mushroom without any dietary restriction complaints.

Pizza Bagel: Bagel Bar

As someone who grew up on Bagel Bites, Bagel Bar pizza bagel is essentially a bigger version of a childhood favorite. Aside from making you nostalgic for a time where you didn’t have midterms looming over you, pizza on a bagel is the perfect way to spice up your pizza eating habits.

Wood-fired: Pizzeria Toro

Pizzeria Toro is perfect for your date night pizza needs. Offering wood-fired pizza and a menu full of artisanal ingredients, this establishment is ideal for those who consider themselves pizza connoisseurs. Their assortment of Italian wines and modern ambiance elevates Pizzeria Toro to satisfy your boujee-er pizza needs.

Personal Pizza: Enzo's Pizza

If your friends claim they aren't in the mood for pizza yet you can't wait to order until they are, fear not; Enzo's has personal pizzas. While personal pizzas can get a bad rep for being too little of a good thing, Enzo's are overflowing with toppings and flavors. Gone are the days where you could only get a basic one-topping pizza in a personal size, as Enzo's will make any of their pies from Grecian Goat to Tres Amigos, in whatever size fits your mood. After all, we all have those days where a large pizza is our personal pizza.

Bonus: Airport Pizza

When you’re traveling home for breaks but want to satisfy a last minute pizza craving, California Pizza Kitchen has arguably the best airport food in RDU. Their classic barbecue chicken pie is the perfect preflight meal, and if you are pressed for time taking their pizza to-go gives a whole new meaning to food in the air.

The next time you and your roommate are debating where to order your 2 A.M. eats from, we hope our review will help settle your pizza-related conflicts. Who knows, maybe you and your roommate too will soon be known around your dorm as "the girls who order pizza every night".  Trust me, it's a reputation worth keeping.