With summer right around the corner, restaurants are updating their menus with foods to complement the hot, sunny and fun-filled experiences that the season brings along with it. However, Dunkin' Donuts' new cosmic treats seem to take customers as close to the sun possible.

Photo courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts

From a Comet Candy Donut to Cosmic Coolattas, here’s what DD new summer items are, and what they taste like.  

Comet Candy Donut

Ever get the chance to see a comet shooting across the sky? (Hopefully, it’s not hurtling towards Earth.) The new Comet Candy Donut is making sparks fly all the same. Sprinkled on top of your favorite vanilla donuts are blue, purple, and pink popping candy that light up your mouth with sweet cotton candy flavors.

Alexis Ferguson

I was honestly surprised to see such a weird combination, let alone experience the popping rock candy mixed with a soft, warm donut. But it was kind of a nostalgic trip to be able to experience both, one of my favorite donuts and an all-time childhood fave combined.

Also, cotton candy flavor in donut form—genius. Although it’s not as fiery as a comet, it’ll be here and gone just as quick, so don’t miss it.

Cosmic Coolattas

Photo courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts

Just when the heat is gearing up to make you sweat more than ever, Dunkin’s Cosmic Coolattas join the summer fun with vibrant colors and flavors guaranteed to refresh your day.

There are two new frozen drink flavors, Cosmic Cotton Candy, and Cosmic Pineapple. Both drinks are topped with yummy blue-raspberry that mix with either pink or purple slush to create a cool intergalactic combination.

Alexis Ferguson

These are definitely refreshing. I tried out the Cosmic Pineapple and absolutely loved it. As someone who regularly seeks out new pineapple-flavored frozen drinks, this one definitely gets an award.

The tart-yet-sweet mix of blue raspberry and pineapple are perfect for cooling off under the hot sun. Those looking for something a bit sweeter, but still as refreshing, can always go for the Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta (wow, that's a mouthful).

Dunkin’ Donuts' new menu is so good, dare I say, it's out of this world? But honestly, I really enjoyed each new item. For the month of May, you can try a Coolatta for just $2 at participating Dunkin' Donuts shops. Pair it with a Comet Candy Donut and bask in all the greatness of summer, even if you are just spending your vacay at a Dunkin' Donuts.