Since Halloween is officially over, we can start celebrating the holidays. The release of the Dunkin' 2019 holiday drinks and treats are a sign that it is time to start getting in the joyful and merry mood. Dunkin' is releasing its largest holiday menu to date this year.

The company has announced four new signature seasonal lattes that are the personification of winter joy. These new holiday flavors include Holiday Eggnog Signature Latte, Merry Mocha Mint Signature Latte, Toasted Gingerbread Signature Latte, and Frosted White Chocolate Signature Latte.

A breakdown of the signature holiday lattes:   

Holiday Eggnog - features eggnog and cinnamon topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar

Merry Mocha Mint - features the classic Peppermint Mocha flavor topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and hot chocolate powder

Toasted Gingerbread -  features gingerbread, marshmallow, and chocolate flavors together all topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar

Frosted White Chocolate - features white chocolate flavor topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar

While these lattes are a new addition to the holiday menu, the classic Peppermint Mocha coffee flavor will also be returning. On November 6, the fan favorite flavor will make its comeback to Dunkin’ menus. The coffee chain decided to bring back the flavor after giving it a year off the seasonal menu.

In addition to the holiday drinks and flavors, Dunkin' added a holiday treat to their menu. A Holiday Brownie Crumble Donut, which contains a vanilla-frosted yeast donut dipped in brownie crumbles and drizzled with dark green icing, will be available to purchase.

In addition to having all of these exciting holiday flavors available, Dunkin' decided to debut new holiday cups for the season as well. The vibrant pink holiday cups are decorated with phrases such as “celebratin’,” “sleighin’,” “wrappin’,” and “dashin’” on them. Now everyone can sip on their Dunkin' 2019 holiday drinks in style. Head to you local Dunkin' starting November 6, to get you into the festive spirit and kickoff your holiday celebrations with cheerful and merry drinks and treats!