Paging all donut lovers in the Columbus, Ohio vicinity! Rumor has it that Westerville, Ohio is about to be blessed with one of my favorite donut shops of all time, Duck Donuts. To those of you who are unfamiliar with Duck Donuts, let me be the first to introduce you to it's magic. 

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Thankfully, the name has nothing to do with it's flavor and no ducks are harmed in the making. C’mon, I know some of you were thinking it. The name actually comes from the founder’s, and my own, annual vacation spot: Duck, North Carolina. Since 2006, the family owned business has been whipping up warm, delicious, homemade donuts that are enjoyed and devoured after waiting in a long line of hungry customers.

What once was only located in it's namesake has grown so popular that they are now located all over the east coast, and soon to be Ohio! The new location, just 25 minutes outside Columbus, will be welcomed sometime between October and March inside Westerville's Polaris Parkway. 

To get you hungry readers even more excited about the new arrival of these made to order donuts, here is an explanation on how Duck Donuts works from start to finish.

Step 1: Start with a coating.

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Between coatings, such as cinnamon sugar, peanut butter icing, powdered sugar, or chocolate glaze, you can go (do)nuts while creating your signature masterpiece. 

Step 2: Pick a topping.

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Personally, my all time favorite topping, no joke for pretty much anything, is Oreo. But if you're crazy and aren't into Oreos, first off, we obviously can't be friends, but secondly, and more importantly, they have plenty of other toppings to chose from, such as bacon pieces, chopped peanuts, shredded coconut, and a variety of sprinkles.

Step 3: Choose a drizzle.

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At this point in my order, I can literally feel my food coma coming. But do I back down? No, I order that drizzle! Drizzle choices include hot fudge, blackberry, raspberry, or salted caramel.

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Caroline Grew

So get ready Ohioans! I hope you're hungry. And if you find yourself venturing to the east coast and cooking up an appetite for made-to-order donuts, make sure to hit up these other Duck Donut locations

Quack quack.