Vegan junk food restaurants are hard to come by, but Doomie’s is doing what they can to fill that void. Plant-based establishments tend to be health-conscious, with menus stocked with super-foods, enormous salads and kale smoothies. For those who stay vegan for ethical reasons, or even those health-conscious vegans who just want a damn burger every once in a while, the options for deliciously greasy, vegan fast food can be limited. Though the food at Doomie's doesn't come as fast as your nearest McDonald's (it is a sit-down restaurant, after all), the place still manages to serve up plant-based versions of your favourite junk foods. 

What It's Like 

To taste-test Doomie’s famous vegan “Big Mac” knock off, you’ll have to ask specifically (it’s not actually on the menu), and also be willing to dish out a whopping $16. It comes topped with lettuce, pickles, onions, homemade vegan cheese and a "secret sauce". Just like the Big Mac you’d order from McDonalds, albeit far pricier and much larger.

Burgers aside, Doomie’s menu also features fried mac and cheese balls, fried chicken & waffles, BBQ pork tacos and a monstrous selection of “fun time fries” (fries topped with anything and everything from chilli to pesto). For dessert, they whip up a few different options including a mean deep-dish cookie and spiked milkshakes. Yup, I said spiked milkshakes. 

Worth It? 

While you're waiting for your meal to arrive, you can check out the "selfie room" - which is, exactly what it sounds like. This little area is decorated with comic strips and always boasts perfect selfie lighting. 

Fair warning: the food at Doomie’s is as greasy as you’d expect from typical fast food. When I tried it out myself, I spent the rest of the night wishing I had opted for some kind of super-food salad instead of a crispy chicken burger. That being said, I’d do it all over again for the few minutes I got to gorge down a real, trashy, oil-dripping meal.