Nestled on the corner of 53rd and 9th is a little donut shop with a pink awning labeled Holey Cream. If you were not specifically looking it could be easily skipped over as any other donut shop. So false.

Holey Cream is famous for their "build your own" donut ice cream sandwich. Sounds amazing right? Tastes a million times better. While they also have cupcakes, brownies, cookies,and yogurt we all know what we are really there for. Gimme that donut!!

When you walk in you are met with 6 how to's on how to make your donut ice cream sandwich. The first three steps tell you how make a plain ol' boring ass donut but when you add the last three you get a total foodgasm.

Ileana Musto

Your Options

Sounds pretty simple but when met with all your flavor and toppings options, you are stumped. Some of the ice cream flavors offered for step 5 are: Holey Moley (vanilla ice cream with M&Ms, cookie dough, and fudge), Butterscotch Praline (creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with crunchy praline pecans and thick swirls of butterscotch),  Outrageous Luscious Cheesecake (caramel infused ice cream loaded with Oreo cheesecake chunks and a chocolate swirl). Like, seriously screw the donut at this point; give me a pint and call it a day.

We still want that donut but, wait, there's more- TOPPINGS. You cannot forget the toppings. Once you decide which frosting you would like to dip your donut in, you are met with an overwhelming amount of toppings choices like: fruit loops, sprinkles, graham crackers, reese's pieces, nuts, M&Ms, almond slices, and so much more; this place really gives you a bang for your buck. 

My Holey Cream order is a vanilla frosted donut topped with Oreos and filled with midnight cookies and cream. It is pretty much cookies and cream made with chocolate ice cream. 

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Ileana Musto

Honestly, I am such a big dessert girl, those Coldstone creations really get me going to Coldstone alone on a Monday night to get that Oreo overload but, this is something else. 

This place is perfect for a date night dessert, GNO pit stop, or an excuse to take a break from finals.

Take a bus, take a plane, take a train freaking uber, I don't care no excuses. Get your butt to Holey Cream. RIGHT NOW.