Doughnut or donut? Who knows. What we do know is that they’re a bangin’ way to start your day. Probs not the most nutritious, but so delicious. Here’s why donuts are the greatest food ever, as told by gifs.

Harrisonburg may not be the capital of holey goodness, but these few hot spots will give you your fix. #donutfriyay

1. Dunkin’ Donuts: Shoutout.

?Dunkin' Donuts |800 South Main St, Harrisonburg, VA|

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25 munchkins, please and thank you. Dunkin’ has a great variety of donuts, and throws in a few seasonal ones to mix it up. Chocolate glazed, always.

2. Strite’s: Ugh, yes.

Did I eat them all? You ? want to know!!

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Tbt to eating sample after sample at the frog week block party freshman year. It was love at first bite. Strites donuts are bae and leave you feeling content with your decision to have like 1, 2, and before your know it 6. #noragrets because happiness.

3. Billy Jacks: BRB, drooling.

When a guy at the bar buys you all these donuts and forces you to eat them all ??

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Life is just too short to not eat that heart attack waiting to happen doughy goodness topped with m&m’s or melted marshmallow. Shoutout to Billy Jack’s for being creative when it comes to the donut game.

Though they may not be donuts to start your day with, they’re definitely a perf way to top off that platter of sticky nugs, if you’re not already full. Donuts have actually become a hot new dessert trend for 2015, check it.

4. I want a bagel. Mr. J’s is your place.

Hello beautiful.

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Small, but mighty, cheap and delicious. Mr. J’s bagels is the place to go if you’re not feelin’ sweets in the morning. Shoutout to their veggie cream cheese. For all my chicas out there, here’s a list of 7 bagels that are better than boys.

5. For all my bakers out there: Homemade donuts.

I could, so I did. I regret nothing. #homemadedonutholes #delicious #omnomnom #pregnantcraving #thanksalotpinterest

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Don’t let the photo fool ya folks, making homemade donuts is not an easy task. Speaking from first hand experience, maybe try plain glazed donuts before you attempt chocolate holes. That cocoa powder will throw you for a loop. Here’s how to make homemade donuts like a boss.