Craving donuts lately? This mom and pop shop will do the deed of satisfying all the sweet craving you may have. Donas opened up in October 2017 and started becoming more and more popular early this year. They have been featured in their local news paper, The Downey Patriot, major platforms like Foodbeast, and other programs across social media.

Not only is their shop uber cute with splashes of multiple pastel colors covering the whole store and a huge ice cream mural called "Dulce Lluvia" outside their building that’s perfect for instagram pictures, their doughnuts are just as eye catching. Some of their popular doughnuts include Mazapán, Bidi Bom, and Lechera Glaze.

Sasha Padilla

The city Donas is located in has a huge Latinx community, so bringing in Mexican culture into their shop was something that was unique and made them a special addition to the Los Angeles County community. By bringing in Mexican culture, they came up with clever names to bring their donuts to life like, their limited edition "Amor es Amor" that's a multi-colored vanilla donut celebrating Pride this month, the "La María" which includes the Maria cookies from Spain, and the "Bionico" that has chopped fruit, condensed milk, granola, and coconut shreds.

Did Someone Say Glitter Doughnuts?

You've heard right, Folks! Donas have started showering their doughnuts with glitter. The Rich B*tch, gold covered doughnut, and the Bidibidi Bom, purple covered doughnut, are some of their popular glitter treats that has been getting all the craze! Let me just say, I ate these for breakfast and I felt like I was shining all day.

Where Can I Get These Heavenly Treats?

Sasha Padilla

Donas is located in the city of Downey on 8636 Imperial Hwy, Downey, CA 90242. They are a small doughtnut shop that's creating big things and have people from all over coming in for a special treat. 

What Else Do They Sell?

If you're someone who loves eating sweets, then Donas is the way to go. Not only do they sell fluffy, savory, and sweet doughtnuts that will blow your mind, but they do more. They have ice cream flavors ranging from Vanilla to Cookie Monster, shakes, and sweet Mexican hot chocolate mixed with coffee. 

It's Time to Treat Yourself 

Is your mouth watering now? Are you craving something sweet and delicious? Treat yourself to doughnut, a shake, a coffee; why not all of it! Okay, maybe hold off on all of it or else you'll end up in a sugar coma, but treat yourself to something because you deserve it! It's the treat you've been all waiting for.