If you're a chicken lover like I am, it can be a bit daunting trying to navigate Atlanta, searching for the restaurants that can fully satisfy your chicken cravings. Fortunately, I've narrowed it down to 5 of the best chicken restaurants in Atlanta for you to try!

1. Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

Originally based in Memphis, TN, Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken has expanded its chain to over 30 cities in the United States, becoming notable for making the most authentic, hot, fried chicken.

If you're in need of an ultimate comfort meal, Gus's does a phenomenal job of pairing their spicy fried chicken with quintessential, perfectly seasoned sides, such as baked beans, mac and cheese, fried okra, and cole slaw: the ultimate Southern meal. This is definitely a must-visit restaurant if you ever need to let off some steam and enjoy a nice, fiery, chicken meal.

2. Choong Man Chicken

Korean fried chicken has become famous for its addicting, salty-sweet, saucy flavors, and Choong Man Chicken does not disappoint.

With locations in Duluth, GA and the Georgia Tech campus, this Korean fried chicken spot is definitely worth the travel. Because Choong Man double fries their wings, you can always expect a satisfying crunch, and an explosion of flavor with each bite. Not a fan of spice? No worries – CM recommends trying their classic fried, garlic soy, curry, or snow onion chicken. Thankfully, all of their signature flavors offer a unique kick of flavors that leave you wanting more!

3. South City Kitchen

Chicken + waffles = the perfect pair. You cannot call yourself a true Southerner without experiencing this wonderful combo, and South City Kitchen in both Buckhead and Midtown curates some of the most mouth-watering chicken and waffles.

It's utterly impossible to resist this dish. SCK's take features pure, Vermont maple syrup drizzled over fluffy, hot buttermilk waffles and farm-fresh fried chicken. Make sure to visit during brunch hours, where you'll be able to try their homemade biscuits, cornbread, and marmalade as complimentary appetizers. 

4. Joy Cafe

Joy Cafe prides themselves on a unique combination of Southern and European food. Located on Peachtree Street in Midtown, this atmospheric and cozy restaurant will surprise your taste buds with its various chicken dishes.

Not only does their menu offer classic buttermilk fried chicken with a side of "Joy's Famous Mac & Cheese", but their brunch chicken options are endless, ranging from chicken sandwiches to burgers to chicken and waffles. What makes their dishes so unique is the extra garnish and homemade sauces served alongside these classic dishes. For instance, their crispy, fried chicken sandwich is complimented with bacon, arugula, chipotle mayo, citrus dressing, and a sunny side egg –resulting in the most flavorsome and savory sandwich possible. 

5. J.R. Crickets

J.R. Crickets' locations on Briarcliff Road, Midtown, Downtown, and North Decatur are known for perfecting classic chicken wing flavors, such as lemon pepper, buffalo, and barbecue. 

J.R. Crickets has a unique history. First established on Midtown's Spring Street in 1982, their speciality seasonings and sauces still pack a punch forty years later. Customers don't mind getting their hands dirty while devouring their scrumptious chicken wings. Their addicting flavors and clever combo meals are the reasons why people keep coming back for more

We all know that the South is home to some of the best chicken, so I urge you chicken lovers out there to try some of these superior restaurants. Don't chicken out now – these five spots are worth a taste.