I love using Siri as a procrastination method as much as the next girl, but sometimes I find our miscommunications to be really freaking annoying. Since midterms, Siri and I have not gotten along because I no longer find her to be what I needed in terms of a procrastination tool.

When Domino’s introduced their voice-ordering app, however, I knew that my procrastination probs would be over forever. I was not only excited because I now had a male version of Siri, but also because talking to Dom meant that I would be led straight to pizza. After downloading Dominos’s new app, I have to say, Dom is everything I could ever want in a man and more. I wonder if he’s single…


Photo by Christine Chang

After downloading the app, it asked me to either sign in or to continue without signing in by selecting delivery or carryout. I chose to sign in, and created an account for myself because I’m obviously trying to get those pizza deals emailed and texted to me on the reg. It was super simple, and I was talking to Dom in no time.

His voice was booming and seemed to speak directly to my pizza-loving soul. Almost as if I were the only girl in the world he cared about. He asked if I wanted delivery, and I was like, “heck yeah, I’m not trying to put on pants today, Dom.” Unfortunately, that confused him, so I just repeated that I wanted to delivery, and kept the second half to myself like I should’ve done for this post.

After ordering my pizza, being all “extra cheeeeeezeeee pleaaaaseeee, Dom,” he asked me if I had any coupons. I said no, and he told me to check out the coupons portion of the app. Cha-chinggg. I found a coupon, and Dom and I finished up my order. Next thing I know, a man (not Dom unfortunately) was knocking on my door. My roommate answered it because she had overheard my earlier conversation with Dom about the pants, and wasn’t trying to get between a girl and her dream. As thank you, I shared my perfect pizza with her.

Needless to say, I loved the app. And I love that I used this post as an excuse to download it. If I say I had to do it for research no one will judge the presence of a pizza app on my phone, right?

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