Cookie shots, frozen s'mores, and the iconic Cronuts® have become bucket-list items for every food lover. Previously only found in New York City and Tokyo, Dominique Ansel Bakery London is the third and most recent location—Europe's access point to these sweet and highly-Instagrammable delicacies.

As someone who has pre-ordered Cronuts® from the NYC location, I screamed internally when I heard that the bakery was in full operation only a couple of tube stops away. 

Exclusive London Treats

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Photo courtesy of Scott Grummet

Though all the locations share many of the same desserts, each bakery has special menu items that can only be found in their respective stores. For London, Dominique Ansel incorporates his takes on beloved English and European classics. Here are some of the most drool-inducing: 

Banoffee Paella

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Photo courtesy of Scott Grummet

Banoffee pie is a beloved British dessert. Slices of banana rest atop a biscuit crust and are drenched in gooey toffee. The base is then smothered in generous heaps of fluffy cream and dusted with cocoa powder or chocolate shavings. Being the creator that he is, Ansel flipped this dessert so that the banana caramelizes on the bottom and the biscuits stay crumbly on top.

Dosa Mille Feuille

Originating in France, the mille feuille is made up of alternating layers puff pastry and cream, and dosa is a type of Indian pancake. The two come together in this highly inventive creation that consists of a puff pastry dosa shell, hazelnut coffee whipped Chantilly, lemon curd, and a candied lemon peel.

Eton Mess Lunchbox

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Photo courtesy of Scott Grummet

Another common British dessert, Eton mess is a mixture of strawberries, meringue, and whipped cream. Ansel's "strawberries” are actually made of mousse and jam decorated with mini-basil leaves. It's served in a clear box with black pepper mini meringues and fromage blanc—not to mention, it's gluten-free!

Owl Religieuse

Orange and chocolate is a much-loved flavor combination in the UK (Jaffa cakes, anyone?), and this French pastry does not disappoint with its two layers of flaky choux pastry stuffed with orange marmalade and dark chocolate rosemary ganache. Extra points for the cute owl perched on top.

Welsh Rarebit Croissant

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Photo courtesy of Scott Grummet

This bakery takes the Welsh rarebit up a notch by replacing regular sliced bread as the vessel for melted cheese with a croissant. Fact: croissants make everything better.

Afternoon Tea

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Photo courtesy of Scott Grummet

I've learned the hard way that "high tea" is only a term used by Americans. Brits love their tea, and afternoon tea is sacred. Though not yet up and running, Dominique Ansel's afternoon tea is definitely something to look for in the coming days.

Check out the full menu here, and start saving up for your trip to London!