If there’s one thing I’ll say the University of Oregon campus may be lacking, it’s a classic donut and coffee shop.

With so many vegan and gluten-free options on campus, it seems as if an appreciation for deep-fried and frosted pastries has gotten lost in the mix. While Voodoo Doughnuts may be the obvious option for most, Dizzy Dean’s Donuts offers timeless recipes for a more reasonable price than Voodoo. Just a short drive away from campus and open from 3 a.m. to midnight every day, Dizzy Dean’s Donuts definitely satisfies those late-night cravings college students may be having after a night out or a hard night of studying.

From the outside, Dizzy Dean’s Donuts looks like your average donut/coffee shop. However, that may just be why, in my opinion, it’s better than more famous places such as Voodoo Doughnuts. Dizzy Dean’s Donuts offers that classic “donuts and coffee” feel for those late Friday nights or rainy Saturday mornings. Their atmosphere and simple recipes remind me of the donuts my grandpa used to bring home for us to enjoy with hot cocoa or milk in the morning, which is something Voodoo lacks. While my personal favorite is the vanilla cake with pink frosting or the vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles, their menu features a variety of timeless flavors that always hit the spot, such as fresh glazed donuts, bear claws, the classic maple bar and much more.

Donuts are made fresh every day, which truly shows in the taste.

They also offer a great deal on half-dozens or dozens of donuts, with half a dozen costing just $5.75 and a dozen costing $9.95. These prices give you a reason to treat yourself to a few more than usual. Lastly, Dizzy Dean's Donuts offers delivery within about 45 minutes to anywhere in Eugene. While their menu may not be as flashy or shocking as Voodoo, Dizzy Dean’s Donuts caters to customers with a more simplistic appetite and appreciation for reasonably priced recipes that never go out of style.

Dizzy Dean's Donuts also offers a variety of options for your morning cup of Joe. With almost six different roasts to choose from at all times, they also have a cappuccino and hot cocoa machine. Their coffee comes from Boyd's Coffee Company, which is a local roasting company in Portland, Oregon. You can get a 12 oz. coffee for as little as $1.25 (with $0.50 refills) or a 20 oz. for only $1.75. 

As a Portlandian myself, I see all too many tourists huddling in line to get their first taste of the nationally famous Voodoo Doughnuts. However, while Voodoo may be more flashy and famous, small places like Dizzy Dean’s Donuts do not get enough credit when it comes to both quality in donuts and “bang for your buck.” If you’re looking for classic donuts and a coffee shop, with personable workers and a “neighborhood” feel, Dizzy Dean’s Donuts is the place to go. So next time you find yourself lying awake at 3 a.m. with a craving for a classic maple bar, think about skipping the crowd and heading to Dizzy Dean’s Donuts.