Expanding its horizons from California, the Taiwanese tea shop Ding Tea has made its way to our very own Ann Arbor and boy, are we lucky!

The Ambience

From the moment you step inside Ding Tea, you get a sense of its charm. Along with their delicious drinks comes a very cozy, very aesthetically pleasing interior design. The pastel color scheme of the store paired well with the fairy lights, flowers and inspiration posters that adorned the walls. There was also extremely fun and quite comfy seating that included benches, couches, and even a swinging chair!

My friends and I went to try out their tea and their unique golden pearls on their Buy Two, Get One Free Day and here is some tea we have to spill about their tea:

Signature Monster Boba Latte

This creamy drink that tastes exactly like a butterscotch candy is unique to Ding Tea and is known to be one of their specialties. The brown sugar syrup they use to enhance flavor as well as add to the presentation was fun and exciting for the first few sips, however, it became a little too heavy afterwards. For those who love the butterscotch flavor, this drink is definitely for them!

Signature Milk Tea

This drink is a classic! While its flavors may be simple, they can be hard to get just right. Ding Tea did a great job balancing the milk-to-tea ratio and their golden pearls tasted great with the drink. I have never had golden pearls in my milk tea before and I have to say it was absolutely delicious. It was the perfect pick-me-up drink!

Chocolate Milk Tea

This tea had just the right amount of tasty chocolate flavor. The sweetness of the chocolate was not overbearing at all and went well with the milk tea! The golden pearls were a good consistency and a good addition to the drink. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers!

Passion Fruit Green Tea

This tea had the perfect amount of sweetness. There was a good amount of tea flavor in it that tasted delicious against the passion fruit flavor. While the golden pearls were a bit hard and were not the best part of the drink, it is definitely one to purchase again- maybe with jellies as a substitute for pearls! 

Mango Green Tea

This drink was also quite good. There was definitely a strong mango flavor which was absolutely delicious, but the tea flavor was a tad bit overpowering. The pearls went well with this drink! If you are a lover of green tea, this drink combination is highly recommended! 

Peach Green Tea

Alex Vena

This was quite an enjoyable drink. The fruity flavor and the tea were very well balanced and the pearls had an interesting yet yummy consistency. 10/10 recommend!

Now that you have gotten the 411 about the best drinks at this cafe, it is time to grab your bes-TEAs and get this boba par-TEA started! Go try their delicious drinks while doing homework (they have free WiFi!), hanging out with your friends, or taking really cute pictures!