Guy Fieri is one of my favorite people ever. The blond spikes, the flipped around sunglasses. Don’t deny it, you wish you were him, riding up to ever diner in town in a red sports car. But the fact is, he hasn’t made it to B-town yet and we all desperately need post-“thank God I survived finals” eats. So here’s our own edition of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, Bloomington style:

1. The Village Deli

Photo courtesy of Village Deli

Pancakes the size of your face and fluffy omelets make for the one of the best brunches in town. They don’t skimp, so come hungry and early to beat the rush.

Must try: Buttermilk pancakes, Capriole wrap

2. BuffaLouie’s

Photo courtesy of BuffaLouie’s

Golden-brown curly fries and juicy half pound burgers aren’t all that this joint has to offer. They just happen to have award-winning wings featured on USA Today and for those of you feeling brave, the Fire & Ice challenge might just be your claim to Btown fame.

Must try: Honey garlic wings with ranch dipping sauce, Sweet Lou burger

3. Mother Bear’s Pizza

Photo courtesy of                                                             

It’s late-night college-town pizza the gourmet way. They put Goldfish on your salad and going into this joint means carving your initials into the institution that’s been around longer than half the campus. So leave your mark…just grab a few of their famous stix while you’re at it.

Must try: Bread stix with housemade ranch, any pizza

4. Butch’s

Photo courtesy of Butch’s

In a college town, you have to have a family favorite where everyone can kick back with a few beers and have some of the best appetizers in town. And after growing up in Brooklyn, Butch promises the best sandwiches and pizza, New-York style.

Must try: Potato latkes, pesto chicken focaccia

5. B-Town Diner

Photo courtesy of B-Town Diner

You can never say no to diner food. Especially if you’re drunk. Luckily, B-Town Diner has the perfect food to cure that post-party hangover and indulge while you’re at it. The fries? Amazing. And who would have thought they’d have some of the best pasta in town?

Must try: Stuffed challah french toast, decadent mac ‘n cheese

6. Sweet Claire’s Gourmet Bakery


Photo by Emma Norton

This quaint little bakery serves up some of Bloomington’s best baked goods, from sweet pastries to savory focaccia rolls. But that’s not all. Regulars swear by the variety of egg wonders that they serve up, from omelets to order to a slice of their coveted French omelet cake.

Must try: Eggs benedict, strawberry dutch pancake


 Still Hungry?