If you're one of the 250,000 students going to one of the 50 universities or colleges in the greater Boston area, chances are there have been times you wanted to get out of the library to study.

But where to go? Cafés have the coffee you need to survive, but not the space. The downtown library has the space and resources you need, but may be a little too serious. And restaurants may have the food you want, but don't really put you in the mood to study. Now, there is a solution. 

I give you: Dig Inn

beer, tea, wine, coffee, kettle
Nicole Lacasse

If you're an avid foodie in the greater Boston, or even New England area, you might've seen some of their aesthetically pleasing meals splashed across your Instagram feed.

The Food

Dig Inn does make a great spot for studying, but first things first, let's talk about their food. Aside from the fact that they are a socially conscious and ethically aware restaurant, their food will leave you full and making plans for your next visit. 

For brunch you can find options that suit all types of dietary preferences and restrictions. Try a new combination for your first meal of the day with something like a grain bowl. You can customize this with various kinds of seasonal vegetables.

They're well known, and rightfully so, for their roasted sweet potatoes. Then you can add a poached egg on top and choose from other options like avocado, seeds or various sauces.

Nicole Lacasse

#SpoonTip: Ask your server for their recommendations. They eat where they work so they have the insider scoop on what their restaurant does best. 

They also have more standard options like breakfast sandwiches and avocado and almond butter toast. These might be more traditional breakfast items, but they're anything but basic. 

vegetable, meat
Nicole Lacasse

The Setting

The atmosphere of the hip new spot on Boylston Street is suitable for dedicated students and foodies alike. There's prime lighting for pictures of your food and an ambiance suitable for studying. Plus, if you like a little white noise in the background as opposed to the overwhelming silence of the library, studying here has just the right level of noise. 

Between the good food, affordable prices and aesthetic of Dig Inn, you can plan to come here for your next brunch or study sesh.