We always see those videos and articles about awesome dessert places in big cities like Chicago, NYC or San Francisco. But, what about the not so big cities in between? Central Illinois is probably most well known for its two biggest cities: Peoria and Bloomington but in between those two cities are some of the dessert places around.

All of these locations have something unique about them that you can't find anywhere else. So get your pen ready and jot down these top 10 places in central Illinois to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

1. Busy Corner

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Katie Cooper

Located in Goodfield right off I-74 is the famous Busy Corner known for their special homemade pies. The bakers at Busy Corner make their pies fresh every morning and continue to make them throughout the day. What makes these pies so special though? No one knows! The recipe is only kept between the owners and the bakers. I'm not sure what they do but whatever they put in there makes me want to marry my pie. 

2. Uncle Bob's 

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Katie Cooper

Some of you may have heard of Uncle Bob's or it might sound familiar because you saw it at Hyvee just the other day. While Uncle Bob's has pints and quarts at many locations throughout the area, their home shop/warehouse is located in Eureka. This is the same place where the owner and some workers make the ice cream homemade...every...single...flavor. They even hand-make the ones that are found in the freezer section at Hyvee.

My all-time favorite flavor is their Rum Chata Salted Carmel ice cream. It is easily the best salted caramel ice cream I've ever had. 

3. Cheri's Cookies

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Katie Cooper

Cheri's Cookies is not an actual restaurant or dessert location but they are the best dang cookies around. Cheri runs her bakery out of her home in Eureka. You can place an order online or by calling her and then have your cookies or other bakery items by the end of the week. She can design just about anything on your desserts so check her out.

4. Sweet CeCe's 

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Katie Cooper

The cutest frozen yogurt shop that you will ever visit is Sweet CeCe's located in Junction City in Peoria. This shop's atmosphere is homey, fun and positive but their froyo also lives up to the hype. Their toppings are what they are most famous for--more specifically their topping wall. This is the only location in Illinois and the next closest is in Ohio so take advantage. 

5. Ice Cream Shack 

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Katie Cooper

Located in both Sunnyland and Peoria is the home of the famous wizards. The Ice Cream Shack can incorporate almost any flavor/topping you can think of into a mouth watering wizard (basically a blizzard but better). The menu is almost as tall as the building (no joke) but don't be overwhelmed because you are bound to find something that you will love. 

6. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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Morgan Schrock

I know, Krispy Kreme isn't only found in the Central Illinois area but we have one located right in Bloomington and they are seriously the best doughnuts ever. If you ever find yourself driving down Veterans and see the sign's light on you better stop because that means they are giving out free doughnuts! They also will give out free doughnuts on Halloween if you show up in your costume. 

7. Carl's Ice Cream  

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Morgan Schrock

With two shops located in Bloomington and Normal, Carl's has the best soft served ice cream I've ever had. While they also have other desserts and food options there, their soft serve is the creamiest and fluffiest ice cream around. They're also known for their candy eyes that they will put on your cone for you if you ask--they're truly the best.  

8. Bob's Dairy Dream 

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Katie Cooper

Located in East Peoria, Bob's Dairy Dream has all the classic ice cream with a twist. They're famous for their multi-flavored twists, which are amazing if you pair the right flavors together. The cone pictured has the flavors piña colada, peach, and tropical orange. I would highly recommend not getting these three together because it was a tropical fruit overload IMO but it makes for an awesome picture, am I right?  

9. Emo's 

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Katie Cooper

On the corner of War Memorial and Prospect in Peoria is the small shack with a giant clown as the sign...welcome to Emo's. Emo's is the only place I know of that has multiple twist flavors. What I mean is that you can do the OG chocolate and vanilla or you can do strawberry and chocolate or strawberry and vanilla. Add some sprinkles and you have yourself a gourmet ice cream cone. 

10. Little Raven Creamery

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Katie Cooper

Located over by Bradley in Peoria is a little ice cream shop that is most famous for their cake shakes. They really should call them cupcake shakes because they have a selection of cupcakes and that is the foundation of your cake shake. I've also recently found out that they now deliver! Even better for you Bradley peeps—I am seriously jealous.

As you can see, Central Illinois has a huge variety of dessert places that have their own unique characteristics. If you live in the area I strongly urge you all to add these to your stops for this summer. These top places will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.