Hidden Gem
‘hidn jem (noun)
Definition: Delbe’s Corner

Some restaurants in Evanston are getting old and repetitive. Been there, done that, over it. Stumbling upon Delbe’s Corner was a much needed wake-up call—there are some serious hidden gems in Evanston, you just don’t know about them yet.

Delbe's Corner

Photo by Maddy Shannon

Delbe’s Corner’s specialty is their steamed sandwiches, and for good reason. What’s a steamed sandwich, you ask? Natasha, part of the husband and wife ownership team, describes it as “just out of the oven” warm bread. With it, the integrity of the sandwich isn’t lost, it’s enhanced. Plus, the vegetables actually become more nutritious when they’re steamed because it’s easier for your body to absorb all the vitamins from them. But the best part of a steamed sandwich is that all of the cheeses and sauces melt together so each bite is warm, balanced and cohesive. The sandwiches are made on bagels and bialys (an airier version of a bagel) from New York Bagel, which is the best bagel place in town according to locals. Try the Trop Bon, AOA, Blackbelt, Tasha’s Secret or Rhonda On The Fly. For something sweeter, try The Nutty Prof: peanut butter, honey and banana on a cinnamon bagel.

Delbe's Corner

Trop Bon. Photo by Maddy Shannon

Delbe's Corner

Tasha’s Secret. Photo by Maddy Shannon

Delbe's Corner

Rhonda On The Fly. Photo by Maddy Shannon

The vision behind Delbe’s Corner is to wow someone for something between $3 and $7, because as Natasha says, “people deserve that.” The food, coffee, and atmosphere at Delbe’s Corner will definitely have you saying, “Wow.” The coffee is high quality, and the pastries are made fresh every morning by Diego, Delbe’s Corner’s Argentinian baker. The croissants certainly stand out: buttery, flaky, soft, and covered in a light, sweet glaze.

Delbe's Corner

Croissant. Photo by Maddy Shannon

Delbe’s Corner is located by the post office on Davis Street. It provides free Wi-Fi, a Wildcat discount, and a cozy nook with couches perfect for studying. The people who work there all seem to want to make customers happy, and it shows. So bring a friend, bring a book, bring an appetite, and head on over to Delbe’s Corner.


Address: 1100 Davis St, Evanston IL
Hours of operation: Mon: closed, Tue-Sat: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sun: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.