One of the best things about living in Atlanta is most definitely the food scene. When I first visited Emory with my dad, after walking around campus for a few hours, we started to get hangry. Being the Israeli that he is, my dad was craving a good Middle Eastern meal before heading back to the airport. We eventually found ourselves at Del Bar, and it has been our favorite restaurant ever since. From their top notch dishes, to convenient location and welcoming atmosphere, it's hard to stay away. 


Del Bar is located in Inman Park, a vibrant neighborhood known for its amazing restaurants. They have every cuisine from upscale sushi to delicious tacos. Inman Park allows guests to roam around after a filling meal, or walk to a local dessert place to satisfy their sweet tooth. Inman Park is a great place to explore while in Atlanta, making Del Bar a popular destination. 

Maya Arie


Del Bar offers a variety of atmospheres including indoor, sunroom and patio seating. Del Bar has a boho aesthetic, and makes every customer feel at home. I love sitting on the patio when the weather is nice because you get to enjoy the fresh air while bundling up in the provided blankets and pillows to make your dining experience extra comfortable. The sunroom is also a cozy option that is fully open when it's warm out, and glassed-in when the colder seasons approach. This compact area allows for guests to enjoy the scenery of being outside, while benefiting from the warmth inside. 


A classic part of Middle Eastern cuisine is mazze, which are small appetizers to share with the table. Del Bar offers many different mazze choices from grilled chicken wings to adana kebab. My personal favorite is the falafel plate, serving falafel balls over hummus with kale salad on the side. The falafels are crispy on the outside, with a nice, smooth chickpea filling on the inside. Another option for appetizers are the spreads, which are all served with a side of their delicious taftoun bread. They serve labneh, hummus and more! 

Allison Reinhardt
Allison Reinhardt

Main Courses

When it comes to the main course, Del Bar’s menu does not disappoint. They categorize the menu into sections including meats and greens & grains, encouraging tables to share a variety of combinations. They have flavorful options ranging from salmon kabobs and chicken kofta to koobideh kabobs and stuffed branzino. In the greens and grains category, they offer grilled vegetables, kale salad and different types of rice to choose from. My go-to meal is the koobideh, or beef, kabob with a side of their polo sefid rice. This meal combo will most definitely have you feeling full.

Allison Reinhardt
Allison Reinhardt

Del Bar is a top notch restaurant that you do not want to miss out on. Their menu and atmosphere make it a great place for either your lunch or dinner pick. Del Bar is definitely in my top ten restaurants, and I hope becomes one of your favorites too.