For those of you who are familiar with the Richmond area, then you know how #blessed we are to have so many local donut shops to choose from. If you’re a donut connoisseur like myself, then you also know how hard it is to pick out a favorite donut spot amongst some of the best in town.

Lucky for you, Spoon Richmond, along with the University of Richmond student body, did all the hard work for you cause we got to taste ’em all. Jealous yet? Probably.

Let’s give you some background. Spoon Richmond brought dozens of donuts from the most popular donut sites in town to honor October’s local Spoon theme of the month so that the student body could decide once and for all which donut place reigns supreme.

Sugar Shack, Duck Donuts, Country Style Donuts, Dixie Donuts, and Krispy Kreme were all represented and it’s time to reveal the results.

*Drum roll please*

5. Dixie Donuts


Photo by Virginia Myers

Coming in last but definitely not least is Dixie Donuts. Dixie Donuts is conveniently located in the heart of Carytown and offers a wide variety of fresh donuts. With trendy flavors like Somoas, tiramisu, blueberry, maple bacon, sweet potato, and dolce de leche, it’ll be worth it to venture outside your typical glazed and try something new.

If you’re not looking to live on the edge, don’t worry because Dixie Donuts still offers all your classics.

4. Krispy Kreme


Photo by Virginia Myers

Okay, I know Krispy Kreme plays in the big leagues when it comes to donuts and isn’t necessarily a “local” donut shop in Richmond…but we figured that if we’re going to rate the best donut places in the area, we should at least compare it to what most Americans deem the superstar of the donut world.

Despite dominating the donut industry, Krispy Kreme fell flat next to it’s competition, which says a lot about the donut standards in Richmond. Although this is slightly shocking, this result doesn’t take away from the fact that Krispy Kreme is always a reliable source for some quality donuts.

Seriously though, there isn’t anything more exciting than seeing the red light shown on Krispy Kreme windows letting you know they have hot donuts awaiting your arrival (you can even download the app so you know the perfect time to get your donut fix).

3. Country Style Donuts


Photo by Devon Flinn

The bronze metal in the competition goes to my absolute favorite donut spot in the area: Country Style. This family run business offers freshly made, old-fashioned donuts that make it hard to stop once you get going.

Every single flavor ranging from buttermilk or maple to your classic chocolate glazed or rainbow sprinkles is drool worthy. These bad boys are massive and take the whole idea of melting in your mouth to a new level.

Throw aside your late night habits of pizza and Easy Mac because Country Style is open 24 hours Tuesday through Sunday, which means you can be living the donut dream at 3 am #goals.

2. Sugar Shack


Photo by Virginia Myers

Coming in second place is Sugar Shack, which was featured in USA Today’s top donut shops in the USA article in honor of National Donut Day…AKA they’re pretty legit. This neighborhood shop is rustic and features different flavors that look and taste like all your favorite candy bars. Flavors include Baby Ruth, M&M, Butterfinger, and Somoa.

Sugar Shack’s success isn’t limited to the Richmond area. They have locations in other parts of Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. Each store is locally owned and operated and all of their ingredients come from neighboring farms and shops. Because their donuts are hand rolled and cut each day, it is no surprise that this donut shop was highly ranked by Richmond students.

1. Duck Donuts


Photo by Virginia Myers

Here we have it folks…Duck Donuts is your winner of the donut taste testing competition. What started out as a family craving for a fresh donut shop in the area became a largely successful business that provides some of the best donuts you’ll ever taste…yes, that’s a promise.

Duck Donuts are made to order right in front of your eyes. It’s magical. First choose from 10 different coating flavors and a wide range of toppings. Then continue on with your interactive experience as you watch Duck Donut employees assemble your creations. Not sure what flavors work best together? Have no fear because there are always fresh samples made available for you to taste.

Richmond students aren’t the only ones who know a good donut when they taste one. Duck Donuts has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence two years in a row and has been featured on NBC News and Fox News for their successful donut shops in Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Like Duck Donuts’ founder Russell DiGilio says, there is nothing like a freshly made donut or two or three…and this Richmond favorite is where your donut dreams will come true.