If you’re anything like me, finding a good coffee place can make your semester. Luckily, Ithaca is home to some of the best coffee and cafes out there. With an incredible amount of shops spread out across the Cornell campus, Collegetown, and the Commons, you never have to worry about whether you can fulfill your caffeine needs and desires. But why settle for mediocre options when you can have the best of the best?

With this list of our favorites, you never have to worry about a bad coffee experience again.

1. Gimme Coffee

If you’re on the Cornell campus and are in serious need of a pick-me-up, Gimme Coffee is the way to go. Located in Gates Hall, this coffee shop serves many different, delicious roasts, refreshingly uncommon menu items like the Mexican mocha, and bakery foods in case you need even more fuel.

2. Ithaca Coffee Company

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Cornell architects can vouch for the fact that Ithaca Coffee has been what got them through some late nights. You can find it at the Green Dragon Cafe on campus as well as the Commons, and with a wide selection of roasts paired with the classic espresso drink options, you can’t go wrong.

3. The Shop

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What makes The Shop so special, in addition to the coffee, of course, is the actual experience. Unlike the typical cafe, you don’t just get handed a mug with your drink – you get to pour it yourself. Whether it’s french press or pour over or espresso, The Shop knows how to do it right.

4. Waffle Frolic

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Despite the name, waffles aren’t the only heavenly thing about Waffle Frolic. If you’re looking for a way to round off an appetizing brunch, look no further. The waffle shop plus coffee house, using beans from Coffee Labs Roaster, strikes just the right balance between savory food and bold drinks.

5. Press Cafe

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If you love both minimalism and coffee, Press Cafe is the place for you. Located in the Commons,  Press Cafe offers a wonderful ambiance, and the quality of the drinks and food is to match. You can find both a great study space and an even greater menu here, with all the usual espresso drinks taken to the next level.

6. Collegetown Bagels

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Not a CTB fan already? Here’s just another reason to be one. In addition to the extremely convenient location in Collegetown and the to-die-for bagels and sandwiches, CTB also serves blends from Ithaca Bakery. With all the comfort foods and drinks you could want, what’s not to love?

7. Carriage House Cafe

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And finally, Carriage House Cafe, a sit-down restaurant, allows you to enjoy your coffee experience leisurely instead of on the go. With an America’s Best Espresso Award from 2015, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re actually making a good choice – the only thing worth worrying about is picking from all the amazing options.