From a young age, chicken fingers and fries have been a staple in our eating repertoire. Some are made with all natural ingredients, while others are made with plastic.  And then, there's Sticky's. 

The best way to describe Sticky's to anyone is that it's basically a grown up chicken finger joint. Not only does it serve some of the best chicken ever, but it also serves unconventional fries such as s'mores, fiesta, and truffle parm.

What to order at Sticky's:

At Sticky's, they have two versions of their amazing chicken to choose from when ordering. These options include grilled and crispy (aka their "standard" form).

When ordering, the chicken either comes in the form of poppers or fingers. Also when ordering, you have the option of turning your order into a basket, which means that you can add either regular or cajun fries to your chicken for a few dollars more.

Although Sticky's does have 18 sauces to go along with your order, not all of them will help enhance your food the way you'd like. If you choose to order the s'mores fries, I'd rank Sticky's that sauce as the top choice to go with your order, with their caramel sauce following right behind it. 

In terms of their chicken, they do have some sauces that will compliment your order nicely, but some other sauces are not as enticing, so choose wisely. The top sauce I'd recommend to go with any order would be Sticky's Sunny Mustard sauce.

But at the end of the day, I'd say to go with whatever your heart desires. I can't tell you how you like to eat your chicken, nor can a person like me tell you what your favorite sauces are.

Whatever you do, and as much as I know you'll love it, maybe don't stuff your face with Sticky's everyday. Just don't. It may be amazing, but it's not the healthiest.