For a California girl accustomed to pressed juice and smoothie spots on every street corner, there is no denying my initial disappointment with Evanston’s health food scene. The shift from high school to college is more than an increase in workload, but the establishment of a new healthy routine.

With that in mind I, along with many other Northwestern students, am absolutely ecstatic about the opening of Deep Purpl, Evanston’s latest smoothie and açai bowl restaurant.

Fall "Deeply in Love"

Deep Purpl is a popular vegan, superfood smoothie bar with a handful of locations in the Chicago area. The new outpost in the heart of downtown Evanston is a quick walk away from campus for students looking to indulge in a delicious açai bowl.

The bright purple neon sign at the door reads “Deeply in Love” — a feeling NU students can attest to after finishing their meal. The customization of smoothies and açai bowls ensures options to satisfy every diner. The three sizes allow for flexibility to enjoy Deep Purpl at any time of day as a full meal or snack.

With 17 unlimited toppings including fresh fruit, goji berries, chia seeds and vegan protein powder, there are endless flavor combinations. Gluten free granola and nut butters are a great way to add sustenance. The made-to-order model allows customers to adapt the menu to best fit their preferences, especially those with various dietary restrictions.

Smoothies and bowls are available for delivery through the Deep Purple website, a perk NU students can take advantage of during the colder months.

“They have customizable options that serve any and every purpose,” Weinberg sophomore Kaila Ting said.

Positively Purple

The interior decor and blended bowls perfectly match Northwestern’s Purple Pride. Indie-chic flowers and succulents compliment the comfortable seating area to create the ideal dine-in experience. Deep Purpl is a lovely change in scenery for students to enjoy a meal out with friends or study fueled by a superfood selection.

“Eating at Deep Purpl has become a staple in my routine,” SESP sophomore Sarah Kushner said. “I love going there to do work or grab a quick snack because the energy is so positive!”

It took a while for a smoothie restaurant to make its way to Evanston, but Deep Purpl is well worth the wait. Given its prime location and variety of choices, NU students are excited by the new addition to the community. Whether a post-workout pick-me-up or a beachy escape from Chicago winters, Deep Purpl guarantees a delicious, nutritious treat.