North Carolina has it all for someone living here, visiting here or just passing through: beaches, mountains, shopping and historical sites. Day trips are the best way to explore North Carolina without the hassle of finding a place to stay or spending money on things you just don't need. Free up your next weekend, keep your wallet zipped tight, and get ready to explore everything North Carolina has to offer through day trips.

Historic Greensboro 

Historic Downtown Greensboro is the perfect place to take a short day trip without breaking the bank. This area is filled with quaint coffee shops to spend hours just talking, trendy new restaurants like Crafted: The Art of the Taco, and museums to explore in the later hours of the afternoon. A hidden gem of this area are the countless thrift shops to get lost in, filled with gems of clothes from decades past

Hanging Rock State Park

Situated in Danbury, NC, Hanging Rock State Park is a perfect get-away for a day trip to appreciate the beauty of North Carolina. Hanging Rock is known for the "illusion" photos you can take to spice up your Instagram feed, waterfalls to admire and views to sit back and enjoy. Pick a day to pack a picnic and day trip over to this state park for a day filled with fun.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina is an up and coming city that celebrates it's culture with historical sites like, The Biltmore Estate, along with a thriving art and foodie scene. This hidden gem of a city will keep you occupied all day long with endless opportunities to keep the fun going.

Carolina Beach

This scenic beach town in coastal Carolina will keep you far away from the stresses of day to day life with just one short day trip. Carolina Beach is a popular beach destination for people from all over the state, and with good reason. Pack your coolers with snacks and sandwiches because there will be no wanting to leave this scenic view the second you set your chair up for a day of salt, sun, and fun.

Divine Llama Vineyard

For a cheap nine dollars, visitors can have all the fun of llamas, wine and "adult-ing" for just a few hours at Divine Llama Vineyard in the town of East Bend. Take away the stress of the day petting llamas, sipping wine, and taking in the views of the North Carolina Wine Country.

Day tripping in North Carolina is a breeze with places like these to fill the time. Shut off your laptops next Saturday and hop in the car to venture off to just one of the many gems North Carolina has to offer. Tackle a new experience and you won't regret it.