Since the COVID-19 pandemic, placing food orders via digital menus on phones has definitely become more common. That's what makes ordering through UberEats so easy, as you're able to check off items you want, while seeing what options are available. Having spent the past 5 years in Boston, an AMAZING foodie town, I love seeing all the diverse restaurant options in my neighborhood on the app. Tonight, 2 friends and I ordered from Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen (aka DCBK) because of its' close proximity to campus, and desire to try some deliciously hearty southern comfort food. This Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen X UberEats collaboration is 11/10 a great way to end any week! 

Dia Mahesh

The UberEats Experience

As a life-long foodie, I'm definitely the type of person to look at a menu before going to the restaurant.

UberEats allowed my friends and I to look at Darryl's menu beforehand, and easily check off what we wanted to add to our cart. My favorite part about the UberEats experience is how you're able to track your orders status and the ETA, just like you are when you request an Uber driver. You can track when your order has been received, when it's being prepared, and the most exciting part, when the driver has left the restaurant and when the meal is on their way (the ETA was pretty accurate as well). Our order was dropped off in a large brown paper bag with a receipt pasted on front of the bag with the menu items we ordered clearly listed. 

Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Everything we ordered was absolutely DELICIOUS, and ordering delivery definitely made me want to return to Darryl's in-person.

I could imagine eating this meal on a Friday or weekend night with a drink after work (as I'm definitely coming back here after I graduate in May), or celebrating a birthday or special occasion here as there are a variety of mouthwatering menu items that you can easily share with your friends! 

Here's what we ordered...

Appetizer: Old Bay Crab Cakes 

As a crab cake lover, I must say these incredibly delicious. The cajun remoulade added a nice flavorful touch, it tasted like a better version of Sriracha mayo. I also squeezed a bit of lemon over the warmth of these crab cakes. Overall, 10/10, I'd definitely order these again!

Dia Mahesh

Entrée #1: Creole Jambalaya

I'd heard great things about Jambalaya, but never had a chance to actually to try it. I was super glad I was able to, because it was definitely my type of food. This dish contained some delicious ingredients like smoked chorizo sausage (YUM, my favorite), shrimp, roasted chicken, diced peppers, onions and garlic, this dish was warm, hearty and scrumptious! 

Dia Mahesh

Entrée #2: St. Louis Spare Ribs (with sides of: Fries, Green Beans & Mac N' Cheese)

Can't go wrong with some perfectly flavored Spare Ribs! I stopped at BBQ place at Nashville during spring break, and these ribs sure felt like part of a good ol' Southern BBQ. They were perfectly cooked to be nice and soft, and with a good Ninja knife, they were good splitting among the 3 of us. 

Darryl's also has a lot of fun sides to choose from, we got the fries, green beans and mac n' cheese. Next time, I definitely want to try the candied yams! 

Dia Mahesh

Entrée #3: Chicken & (Red Velvet) Waffles 

I've been told a few times that my personality screams 'red velvet'. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I absolutely LOVED these waffles - they tasted just like the perfect red velvet cake, drizzled with the perfect amount of cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with some coconut flakes. The chicken was also warm and crispy, and I felt very content that this was my first time trying the infamous 'Chicken and Waffles'!

Dia Mahesh

Being able to place an UberEats order in 5 minutes, track the order from start to finish, and choose a restaurant among the plethora of diverse food options in your surrounding neighborhood is a fun, easy and convenient experience.

Ordering Friday night take out from Darryl's definitely made me want to return for an in-person experience. I'm thinking graduation lunch, professional work dinner with colleagues or catching up with some Northeastern friends there. After all, it is one of the gems super near campus that all students should seriously check out.

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