Shake Shack opened its first food cart in 2004 and has been the go-to place for burgers, fries, and custard shakes ever since. Now, the chain has over 100 stores both nationwide and internationally.

When the restaurant opened its first location in Dallas this September, people were stoked to taste the delicacy that has been popping up on their Instagram feeds for years. And to be honest, I would have been excited too if I could remember one thing about the Shake Shack burger I tried a couple of years ago.

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Shake Shack and other food trends have been more about recording the experience on social media rather than enjoying the actual meal. The burger I tried was not bad, but was just another burger. With Dallas' wide assortment of burger joints, that each pack a flavorful punch with every bite, the hype for Shake Shack is just another trend meant for our photo feeds and not just for our taste buds. 

Here are some alternatives for Dallas residents who want to skip Shake Shack’s long line and indulge in the best bites this burger haven has to offer.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy first opened in Austin, Texas in 2010 and has since opened 15 additional locations in Texas, Arizona, California, and Colorado. Its three Dallas locations have a wide array of flavors of types of burgers, including the Ahi Tuna Burger and La Bandita, their black bean burger.

The truffle fries are a must (I always ask for extra truffle aioli because let's be real, I'm not sharing). Make sure to add a fried egg to any burger if you skipped breakfast.

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root opened its doors in 2005 in Deep Ellum, welcoming people eager to taste a quality burger in the heart of Dallas. It now has 17 other locations in Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Each burger on the menu is a home run. Try the Freshman 15, because maybe admitting it makes it somehow go away, and indulge on smashed fries with cheddar, eggs, and bacon.

Shake Shack’s custard shakes don't stand a chance against the Twisted Root’s Fat Elvis, the most amazing combination of chocolate, peanut butter, banana, and bacon. Can you really ask for anything more from a shake? I'm sorry, but no.

Angry Dog

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This traditional grill and bar is home to one of the best burgers in Dallas. With one location in Deep Ellum, Angry Dog sticks to the basics and knows that keeping it simple and fresh can result in some of the best bites in the city.

For over 25 years, Dallas residents have been coming here for not only the burgers, but also for some of the best wings, nachos, and hot dogs the city has to offer. Basically, they have it all, and they know how to do it very, very well. 

Dugg Burger

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Although newer to the burger scene, this joint is anything but novice. Dugg Burger opened a little over a year ago with the concept of hollowing out the top bun and placing the condiments in it to create a jam-packed juicy sandwich that satisfies your burger needs in one bite.

Every day, they have different condiments and toppings so you can enjoy a unique burger during each visit. Finish your meal off with the best bread pudding you'll ever eat at a burger joint, or at all.